Audible member - many credits & need suggestions


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Jun 16, 2001
Somehow I did a trial months ago and now I'm a full member with 7 credits. I can't figure out how I'm going to "listen" to all these books when I decide on which I want. I work fulltime, mostly telework and my commute to my office is 5 miles when I do go in. If you are an audible member or enjoy books on tape, please share when you listen. I need to carve out time for this or just write off 7 months of payments/credits.


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Jun 11, 2009
My usual places for listening to audiobooks are in the bath or when I'm doing certain things around the house like the dishes, sorting laundry. I sometimes have trouble sleeping and like to put on Audible when I can't sleep.

I still ended up pausing my subscription to let me catch up as I had so many books in my list. One of the issues I had was I kept picking titles that were really long - I'm still working my way through 43 hours of The Stand!


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Feb 20, 2006
I ended up with 8, so I sat down and downloaded titles by authors I’ve enjoyed in the past, then canceled. Once they are purchased and downloaded (downloading is important), you own them and you can listen after you cancel.


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Feb 22, 2005
I listen to audio books anytime I’m driving, cleaning the house, taking walks, etc. I ended up quitting Audible and now I use Libby, which is free. The selection isn’t as good as Audible but I like free!
Some of my favorite audiobooks are:
The Help
Eleanor Olephant is Completely Fine
The Nightingale
Light Between Oceans
The Dutch House
The Orphan Keeper
Tattooist of Auschwitz


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Apr 19, 2002
I listen to books all the time when I'm working from home, but I confess they are usually "fluff" titles; things where it won't matter if i miss details. I tried Audible, and while it is nice that they sometimes have titles that are hard to find, it was too pricey for me; I prefer using Overdrive and Hoopladigital from my public library.

The key to really managing audiobooks well as a daily routine lies in good quality wireless headphones, so you don't bother other people with the noise, and you are not physically tied to whatever device is playing the books. I prefer buds, and I like the kind with the magnets and a wire running behind my neck, so that I can take one out and let it hang and I don't lose track of them. Also, they are less expensive than true earbuds, so I have two sets, one to use and one to charge while I'm using the other one. I also listen in the car; I have mine synced up to Android Auto so it starts playing from my phone as soon as I get in the car; nothing to set up each time.
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Aug 20, 2006
I like books with stories that are vignettes or complete by chapter, like the James Herriot books (All Creatures Great and Small etc). The advantage is that when I forget to listen for weeks on end, I can pick back up and not worry that I forgot the plot.
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    Aug 16, 2004
    I listen when I'm taking a walk, cooking, doing chores around the house, taking a trip--any time I have at least 15-30 minutes to kill.