Attraction based movies - A good thing?


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Apr 27, 2000
There was a recent comment that they are starting work on a Haunted Mansion movie, ala Country Bears and Pirates of the Carribean.

To this day I still worry when going on ToT that something might trigger some flashback to that movie. I guess there is the possibility these will enrich the experience by providing a depth of story that isn't presented today. Except of course, I have already created my own story and I'm not sure I want to fight off movie images that are sure to somehow compete with the actual attraction images as I am riding it.

An upside is another reason for them to build new E ticket attractions. I can see the sales pitch to Eisner "Yes, it does cost a lot of money, but think of the movie that we can make about it"
The “ride movies” have nothing to do with promoting the theme parks. It’s simply a cost savings measure.

By using an idea that Disney already owns, it can save the “Story By” cost of the script. A writer working on hire to “flesh out” a story gets paid a lot less than then a writer who creates an original story. Disney can also assign lesser paid, lesser known writers to the project and pay better writers just the rewrite fees to tweak the script.

Marketing also will save since Disney assumes there is a built in audience awareness for these movies already, in much same way Hollywood feels there’s a built-in audience for all those video game and comic book movies it makes. You won’t have spend all those dollars to get people interested in the movie, you just have to let them know which weekend to show up at the theaters.

Naturally with all things Disney these days, most of the “cost savings” are nothing but corporate spin for the shareholders. The latest rumor is that ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ is being pitched to Jerry Bruckheimer and Ridley Scott, the producer and director of ‘Black Hawk Down’. And those two will not come cheap after tomorrow…
Pirates of the Carribean as a live action adventure film produced by Jerry Bruckheimer has lots of promise. This film, if done right, has lots of promise. There hasnt been a good pirates movie since Muppet's Treasure Island. Its a topic that most guys at least always had a fascination with as a child and if you get the correct male star and throw in a romantic sidebar you can capture the female audience as well.
I have no problem with movies based on attractions. A pirate movie done by Bruckheimer definitely sounds promising (but then again, I'm one of the few who liked Cutthroat Island).

What matters is the story, the characters, etc. Just like any other movie.


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