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Feb 8, 2001
Does anyone know, how Disneyland attendance has been affected with the opening of California? Any thoughts on how busy the parks may be this summer.
Disneyland has been beating its projected park attendance by a few thousand, numbers have definetly increased. As for DCA right now they have not beat a projected day yet and have been well under somtimes not even getting 50% of their projected park guests. But with the return of 2 Parks annuals at the Disney resort they should not have a problem filling ther quota.

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DCA attendance SHOT up the day after they mailed out a pamphlet announcing that AP's were available again. Lines at the main ticket booths were running about an hour. I have no idea how many were sold, but I am SURE AP's will fill the park. I think it was a wise move by Disney to reinstate
the AP's for both parks. The public relations line Disney gave when they cancelled them was that they didn't want the park filled with AP's the first year. Well, they got their wish....DCA was not filled with AP's...or anybody! I think this has been a good lesson for Disney. I think that maybe now they will better understand the significance and value of the AP holder. I was just at DCA yesterday and I saw many AP's coming through the turnstiles. The park was humming with activity and Dis was making a lot of money on food and merchandise. Downtown Disney was also more crowded. Maybe if they would have had AP's there from the opening of DCA, it wouldn't have gotten so slammed in the press about it's lack- luster attendance. Perception is everything and the park was starting to be perceived as a failure because of the lack of crowds. Maybe disney will now stop treating us AP's like free-loaders and give us a little more respect. It's like my Grandpa used to say..."half of somthing is more than all of nothing."



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