Atlanta Braves Spring Training


Jul 27, 2002
I am not sure if this is the right place to post this question. DH and I will be at WDW in March and would like to see one of the games. Has anyone gone to the WWS and if so where are the best seats. Also do the games sell out, if so how quickly? Thanks for any info.
I've never been to WWOS, so I'll just bump this back to page one for you so that some of our veterans can offer advice.

I don't think there are really any seats that are too bad. The seats we had were on the 3rd base side of Cracker Jack Stadium and were in the lower level about 10-12 rows from the field. We got there early to watch the Braves practice and several people brought balls and stuff for autographs. We had a great time. This was back in 2001. The noseeum bugs were out in mass, so bring the bug spray and the sunscreen. Also, be prepared, sometimes the temperature bottoms out after dark. It was about 40 degrees when the game ended. We were in shorts and t-shirts. Needless to say, we both got sweatshirts that night before the game ended.

Have a great time! Maggie
The stadium is really small (well.. compaird to the nomal major leage ball parks). There really isn't a band place in the park to watch the game. I was able to work at a couple of the games when I did the College Program in 2002. Two outta three times I was at the last row of seats on the visitors 3rd base line (after 3rd base its all lawn seating). The other time I was in the upper deck in the back and the view is not that bad at all.

Most games dont sell out, except the real popular teams (IE Yankees)... I just noticed the 2005 Spring Training Schedule is online on the offical site

Also, not only can it get cold, it can get very sunny and hot... so bring the sun block if the forcast calls for it (in a two week per. I went from wearing a winter jacket to sweating the whole time.

We went to a game there last year for the 1st time. The park is comparable to a minor league park in size. Very intimate setting to see major leaguers. We had seats down the 1st base line maybe 7 rows up and they were great. As poster above said, a team like the Yanks will sellout so you may want to purchase tickets ahead of time. Tickets go on sale around Jan 1. will have them. Have fun!!
The park is fantastic and quite nice for what is really a "minor league" facility. (we actually go to more minor league games than major and I really liked the WWoS facility). We went in Spring, 2004.

We got the tickets online before heading down. Spent the morning in the parks, had a nap, some dinner and headed over. Great game and no problems at all. Even the parking is really close to the field making it a quick walk for small children as well.

I think I have seen that the tickets are available for sale in January, 2005.

Have fun!
For all you interested there are mini plans available for 3 games at the first part of the season and the last part of the season. We are purchasing the first part of the season mini plan. Braves vs. Yankees, Astros, and Tigers. Two afternoon games, one evening game. We really want to see the Yankees and from what I've heard that game sells out really quickly! To ensure we got seats we are purchasing the mini plan. These are already on sale through the WWOS web site (you e-mail them and they e-mail you back a phone number to call to get the tickets). Since the single game tix don't go onsale until Jan. 7th thru Ticketmaster, I thought this would be a better way to get the tickets instead of fighting for them through Ticketmaster on the 7th. Now granted, you don't get to pick your games but for DH and I we really aren't partial to seeing any one team except for the Yankees and this guaranteed us those tix.

They sent us four seat sections to choose from--1 lower level/bleachers behind the first baseline and 3 upper level...behind dugouts or behind home plate.

The tickets cost $54 per plan per person. Same price as buying individual $18 tickets to each game.

We will still be fighting Ticketmaster on the 7th to get a couple of games for the Yanks over in Tampa. Keep your fingers crossed!



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