At Kidani now....first visit....

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  1. bbn1122

    bbn1122 DIS Veteran

    Oct 4, 2009

    We checked in on Sunday, arriving about 12:15pm and our room was ready. We are in a Standard 1 bedroom....surprise we are on the Savannah in the front of the resort, right above Pumba garage. We have had tons of animals out our balcony to look at. I would say the only thing that does not come over this way is Giraffe and Zebras which they seem to keep in the back.
    My boys love it. My youngest was not happy about coming here, we stayed at BLT in April and he loved it there. But he is quickly coming around.

    The 1 bedroom is very nice. I think the living room/kitchen is a bit smaller than BLT. We had a 2 bedroom at BLT, so my boys are missing there on room, but the 3 of them are doing well with the pull-out sofa and chair. I love the Master bath it is huge. I really like the theming here. I have to say Jambo house is nice, but it so crowded there, especially having Boma. It gets very crowded at dinner time over there. Kidani is nice a peaceful.

    We went to Kidani pool first day very nice. The boys loved the slide and the water play area. We went over to Jambo house pool on Monday, much bigger but slide at Kidani is better.

    Had dinner at Boma our first night, the boys did there best with the menu, funny they had no problem with the desserts. I loved the corn chowder. I had a bit of everything and enjoyed it.

    We are not going to any parks this trip. We are just taking it easy before our 3 night cruise on the Dream on Thursday. We are praying it all works out with Hurricane Irene on her way.

    We went to ESPN Zone for dinner last night. My youngest is a sports fanatic and has been begging me to go there. We did not have a great experience getting there and getting back. We took a bus to the Studios, but there were thunder and lightening in the sky so the boats were not running. After waiting at the boat for about 20 minutes, we went for a bus very busy because of no boat. ESPN was great, but when we went to get back there was a long line for the boat back to the studios. There were 4 boats in a row for EPCOT, but none for the STudios finally after 45 minutes we got the boat.

    We went to Blizzard Beach today...and the weather was perfect. The crowds were not too bad. My DH said except for Summit Plummit the lines were pretty quick. I only rode the family slide and we went right on. We left about 3:00p, and got back to Kidani just before the skies open with a bad thunderstorm for about a half hour.

    Praying it works out for our cruise. Tomorrow....Downtown Disney...the boys are going to Disney Quest and we will probably have dinner down there.

    Doing WDW with the is so relaxing. I am so glad we joined DVC last year!!!:thumbsup2
  2. Phil Cirrone

    Phil Cirrone Mouseketeer

    Feb 3, 2003
    I was just asking about AK thanks for all the info
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  4. DizDays

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    Jun 6, 2009
    So glad you're enjoying your stay at Kidani. It sounds like a fun trip. I love the master bath in the one bedroom - my absolute favorite. It's huge. And I love how peaceful Kidani is. Sorry you're having so many thunderstorms.

    Wishing you lots of pixiedust: for your cruise on Thursday. Enjoy the Dream. I'll be on the Dream for the Member Cruise in September.

    Wishing you and your family outstanding memories!
  5. Desnik

    Desnik <font color=teal>I actually love packing and plann

    Oct 16, 1999
    We are here at Kidani too! Its our last night of an 8 day no parks trip! I agree with everything you said about it. We were also at the BW last night and just walked to Hollywood Stidios and hopped on the bus there for AKV. Sending pixie dust your way for your cruise!!:wizard:
  6. bbn1122

    bbn1122 DIS Veteran

    Oct 4, 2009
    Thanks everyone for the well wishes for our is still on...I spoke to a CM here today and she told me she received an e-mail from DCL this morning and the only change so far is we are leaving port at 4pm instead of 5pm.

    We had another great day without the parks...We went to the pool early then back to our room for showers. We then head to DD had a great lunch at Fulton's Crab House, then some shopping. Took my boys over to Disney Quest. DH and me took in a movie, Planet of the Apes and then had dinner at Raglan Road, very fun. The boys were done a DQ about the same time as us, so we headed back to Kidani together.

    The morning and till about 2pm the weather was beautiful then about 2:30pm the skies opened up for about 30minutes, it was pouring. The rain stopped just enough for us to walk to DQ. When DH and me stepped outside after dropping the boys off it was pouring again, we luckly made it to the theatre with getting to wet. When we got out of the movie once again beautiful skies. We have had pretty good weather all and all.

    Well I definitely would stay at Kidani again. Now off tomorrow for our I surivived Irene cruise...I know DCL will take good care of us.:lovestruc:lovestruc
  7. VLee

    VLee DIS Veteran

    Aug 16, 2003
    Glad to hear your good report on Kidani. We are staying there for the first time in June. We have always stayed at Jambo before.
  8. castleri

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    Jul 29, 2000
    Do I understand that you booked a standard view room but got a savannah view or is it a standard view room that just happens to be able to see the savannah?
    Sure would love to have that room in Dec when we are taking DGD. Only room available at the time was a 2 BR Standard view so wonder if there are some of them that have that view if they are lockoff units. Sounds like you are having a wonderful trip..
  9. supersuperwendy

    supersuperwendy any happy little thought?

    Aug 6, 2006
    Great live report thanks for sharing!
  10. MEM

    MEM DIS Veteran

    Oct 25, 2001
    We were at Kidani Village from August 15-22 and I said to DH that this is the only place I could stay and not miss the parks at all.
  11. webcs

    webcs Mouseketeer

    May 28, 2008
    Oh man we are in Mass and irene is coming our way, wish us luck too.

    I have always wanted to try a stay without parks but cant help myself, how do you guys do it?
  12. bbn1122

    bbn1122 DIS Veteran

    Oct 4, 2009
    There is the Main Savannah to the back of the units, but it wraps around to the left on the pool side.

    Yes, I booked a standard, but we had animals below our room all the time. Like I said, we saw every animal outside our balcony except the Zebras and Giraffes.

    we love it....:cloud9:

    KAT4DISNEY Glad to be a test subject

    Mar 17, 2008
    Glad you're enjoying Kidani! :goodvibes

    It sounds like you are looking at the Pembe savannah? If so I'm guessing your room is also fairly close to the pool? Some savannah rooms were reclassified in that location to standard view b/c of many complaints on the categorization of those rooms. I had a studio there and do think that you get lots of great views of animals but also would have been disappointed if I had paid for savannah view since it's at the end of the savannah and the animals don't always get down there.

    And there aren't any giraffe or zebras on the Pembe savannah. There is a divide between the main Sunset savannah on the one side of Kidani and the Pembe on the pool side.

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