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Terry Ketler

Earning My Ears
Jan 31, 2001
Hi! We're getting closer to that special day! I'm trying not to "plan" too much. The other family members going with us are more into imprompt too vacationing, but I don't want to find ourselves standing around asking each other what to do now. I've read too much! My question therefore is -- Does anyone have any ideas of how to magically spend our arrival day. We will be arriving (if on schedule) around 10:00 am. If after check in we head to the Magic Kingdom for a brief visit (just a taste) are those hopper passes good for unlimited back and forth entry? We are purchasing a 5 day hopper pass(We're staying 7 days but figured we take at least 1 day off and go to a water park the other day). I don't want to waste a pass for a brief visit day. Anyway as you can see I'am VERY EXCITED!!!! Thanks for any suggestions. :)
It depends on how late u r talking about getting to MK and what the park hours are for that day. I would not waste a whole day of my PH for a hour or two. But if you can get in for five or six hours go ahead! If ya'll get to WD late I would check in, relax and go to Westside and Downtown.
HI! I would not use my hopper pass the first day. There are plenty of things to do while at Disney without using your hopper pass. I would check in and head to lunch at a resort. Then I'd head back to the hotel for a swim and unpack. Then head to Downtown Disney and take in a movie or shop. Have an early night to rest for the days ahead.

Besides DD, the boardwalk area has alot to do and you don't have to use your pass for it.
If your arriving in the morning though, I personally think it would be worth it to hit the parks your first day already. You can take a rest from the parks another day when you really need a break!
I'm always so excited when we arrive that we can't wait another day to hit the parks. As soon as we're checked in, its off to Epcot!!

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We are arriving at disney around 12 noon and we are planning to head straight to Epcot for the day since it is open until 9:00 pm. I thought about hanging out at the resort for the day, but I think we will be so excited that we will want to get started right away seeing all the many attractions that we want to fit into our 5 1/2 day stay. Good luck with your planning!!
We'll be arriving in Orlando around 12:45am, so I figure that we won't actually get to bed until 2:00 or 3:00am. We're staying at the Contemporary.

Our plan for the first day there:
Sleep in!
Late morning breakfast at Artist Point (w/ Pooh)
Head to Downtown Disney for a while.
Visit All Star Movies (at some point that day)
Chef Mickey's for dinner
Watch MK fireworks from observation deck at Cont.


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Hi! We arrived after a very long red-eye from the west coast at CBR at 10 a.m. Unfortunately they didn't have our room ready for us so we left all our luggage and jumped on a bus to Downtown Disney. We checked out all the shops and enjoyed being in a Disneylike atmosphere, had lunch at McDonalds (never again, it was horrid!)and headed back to CBR around 3. Got our room, unpacked and had a nice nap (we were virtual zombies at that point). Got up, had a good dinner at the resort and had a really nice swim. This was the only day out of the 10 days were were there that we spent so much time at our resort so I'm glad we did!

Normally we go straight to MK because we only stay for about three days. This time we are staying for seven days so there is time to see WDW, so here is our first day plan:

Arrive at 11:00am check in to PO Riverside
eat lunch at Colonels Cotton Mill
Catch a boat to DD
Do some shopping and maybe get some chocolate
Then take the boat back to PO and unpack,rest or swim
Then it's off to dinner at DD and the late performace of Cirque
How about one of the local dinner theaters? They are wonderful for your first night and a great way to start your vaction. There is Pirates, Arabian Nights (great internet discount going on check their web site out), Medieval Times, etc. They all have web sites so check them all out!

We have been to Pirates and my husband loved it so much that he was talking about opening one in our home state for months afterward! This year we are going to Arabian Nights. I can't wait, 21 days and counting!!

Have fun!!!

We always head to Downtown Disney & hang out there. Have lunch at Chef Mickeys, then head back to the resort & enjoy it's amenities. Go to bed early to be prepared for the parks. I wouldn't waste a day on the park hopper pass either for just a few hours.
My suggestion would be DisneyQuest. It's indoors, cool, and will give you all the taste of Disney the night before you begin. That's what we are doing our first night there. I think it will be a good way to kinda rest up for a long next day and relax from the trip down. Good luck, and have a great time!
We went to Downtown Disney then went to the Backyard BBQ. We thought it was a great way to get a taste of Disney without wasting a day on the pass.
It opened to either 11pm or 12 midnite.WE're the type that like to get to the parks when they open. Less crowded and easier to finish up. :D

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Will hubby ever let us stay anywhere else? :rolleyes:


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