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Mar 1, 2000
I'm starting this post again! If you wanted to look back at the information about the convention and other things shared on the original post here's a link : Convention / Meet orginal post

Anyone interested in going to the Scrapbook convention in Arlington - May30 to June 2. We are planning an early dinner/late lunch on Friday before the cropping. That way anyone who just wants to visit a bit can do dinner/lunch and the ones that want to go to the crop can go from there. You can preregister on the convention website. I am registered for two classes and the crop on Friday. Here's a link to the convention website:
Great American Convention Website

Post here or send me an email and I'll put you on the list of people planning on the meet. We will try to do dinner somewhere within walking distance. More on that location later.

<font face="BrushArt" color=#6600CC size=5>Signup:Friday, May 31st
Dinner 4:30pm / Crop 6:30pm</font>
<font face="BrushArt" color=blue size=4>
Janette(going2wdw) Dinner & Crop
Denise(d4disney) Crop
Ann (MinnieAnn) Crop
Melissa & Jacque (MaryPoppins & friend) - Dinner & Crop
I will be at the convention Thursday, Friday and part of Saturday with my friend Jacque. We have not registered for our classes yet, but plan to do so in the next day. (We wanted to try for some classes together). We plan to do at least one crop and some classes. I'll let you know as soon as possible if we can stop by and eat with you, as well.

I am getting so excited! This will be fun.
Hello to all my fellow scrappers attending the Great American Scrapbook Convention!

Jacque and I finally decided on classes. We should be able to eat with you at 4:30, and we are signed up for the Friday evening crop. (I think we are cropping alone in our hotel room on Thursday night, so we might actually accomplish something!) Maybe those of us that eat together can get in line early and sit near each other? That would be fun, too. Last year a lot of folks were eating dinner in line.

Is anyone planning to send in a page for the contests? I didn't see that until today, but I might enter something. It would be kind of fun, I think.

Are we wearing ribbons or something to identify each other? Let us know.

The dining choices seem to be limited. There are some restaurants close but not within walking distances like On the Border and a few others. We could car pool to those. The convention center has food service counters and there are restaurants and a pizza place at the hotel. Let me know if anyone has a preference or other suggestions.

I'll make some nametags for everyone in our group and as we get more organized we can set up a meeting place. My first class is at 12:30 so I'll be around most of the day.

This will be the first time I've attended a crop of any kind. What shoudl I bring? Thought I'd bring Disney pics but should I bring all my cutters etc.?

Looking forward to meeting everyone!
The food service in the convention center is some-what limited but fairly good. They had several choices last year. The croissant sandwiches and the chicken sandwiches were pretty good. Seems like they came with chips and a cookie. I also remember salad, but I never tried it. Oh, I did get french fries once. The choices are varied, but sometimes bland.

I personally would prefer to do fast food or just do food at the convention center. The line for seats at the crop will start VERY early. We are guaranteed seats, but if you are at the end of the line you may not be seated with your friends. If we drive out to eat at a sit-down restaurant around 4:30, we will be at the end of the line for the crop. It seems like they had a rule about bringing in pizza or fast food. I think you had to go eat it outside the convention center. Lots of people got their food at the convention center and ate in line last year. Not great atmosphere or food, but I get so excited I almost forget to eat, anyway. Just depends on what everyone wants to do.

Our classes end around 11:00 on Friday, so we will be shopping in the afternoon. They have lots of "make-and-take" type activities at the booths, but the lines get long on Saturday. You have to wait in line too long to make anything by then.

I brought tons of pictures and paper to the crop last year. I expected to acomplish so much! There are so many contests to enter and fun things to do, that I hardly got anything completed. They have booths set up around the outside of the cropping area, so if you need a die cut or a certain color of paper, you can just get up and buy it. I would plan to travel light, unless you are really focused. It is all too exciting to get much done!

I will bring my 12 inch paper cutter, scrapbook pages, adhesives, pens, rulers, some paper, templates, and scissors to the crop. I have plans to learn to use my Coluzzle, so I will bring that as well. I'll probably try to make plans for about 15 or 20 pages. I'll bring those pictures with me for the weekend. I'll be lucky to get that many pages done on Thursday and Friday combined (and maybe I'll bring a few extra photos to leave in the car just in case I get a lot done).

Last year, I went through up-coming pages that I needed to create. I estimated the number of pages for each subject and made note of the colors in the photos. I also jotted down an idea for the title or die cuts or stickers, if something came to mind. Then when I saw all the wonderful products for sale, I had a list of papers or stickers that I was shopping for. It helped me keep my spending under control, at least a little ;) We have Michaels and several scrapbook stores in our area, but I saw lots of things that I have never seen before.

Oh, and wear comfortable shoes! You'll walk a lot. Any other questions?
That would be fine with me. A picnic at about 4:30-4:45 in the line? That should give everyone time to pick something up and we won't have to worry about rushing and give us some time to get to know each other before the crop. WDW fans should all feel right at home in line!
LOL! But unfortunately there will be no fast pass. Looking forward to meeting you.

I've been wondering how we will know each other. There may be any number of scappers in line at that time! Are we going to wear the customary DIS lime-green ribbons or do you have another method? Any ideas?
I'll bring name buttons and some green ribbon. If anyone has a cell phone they will be using email me the number and I'll make a phone list. I will have one with me so we can use that if needed.
My cel phone won't reach all the way to Dallas. I'm on the road so seldom that I have a local plan. I don't know if Jacque will have her phone with her or not. I'll ask her. (She is also a DVC member, so we'll have to recruit her for the Dis boards!)

We will bring ribbons that I used on our cruise meet in March. They are a neon, lime green, so you should be able to find us easily.

BTW, we will be staying at the Hawthorn, about 1 mile from the convention center (on Thursday and Friday night). We'll return home to Oklahoma on Saturday evening. Where is everyone else staying and when will you be there?

Does anyone like to do paper piecing? It is my passion and I have been working on some Disney pages. I recently pieced a Dumbo, Tigger, Minnie, Pooh and several Mickeys. I'd like to try to get a couple more done in Texas.
I'm really getting excited about this convention. It will be my first. I loved signing up for classes. I'm afraid that I scheduled myself out of dinner, though. I signed up for the Punch Art for Heritage Pages class, which goes until 6 p.m. It looks like they will start letting us in for the crop at 6 p.m., so I know I won't be at the front of the line. LOL.

I'd love it if I could sit with you at the crop. I won't know anyone there and while scrappers are always very friendly, I will be working on Disney pages and would love to see what you all are working on.

Janette, I will e-mail you with my cell phone number and hopefully we could find each other that way. I will also try to find a green ribbon to wear.

Looking forward to meeting you all and hoping this works out well!

Sounds great Ann, I have a couple of classes one a cutting and the other on borders. I'm hoping we can get a table together or at least side by side. Depending on how they do all of that hopefully you'll be able to join us.

Do we need to bring snacks to the crop? I keep meaning to check the site but haven't yet.
Ok scrapper friends, I signed up for "Viva La Vacation" from 12:30 to 1:30. Did anyone else sign up for that one? I'll meet y'all in the crop line (with my picnic food) around 4:30. Well, is it 4:30 or 4:45? I'll also have my cell phone. Where should I e-mail the number? Did we come up with another way to identify each other? Can't wait to meet you all in person! :)
On Friday I am taking The Magic of Mixed Media and Scrapping with Handmade Paper and Vellum, both in the morning. I decided to shop on Friday afternoon instead of taking classes, since it gets so crowded on Saturday.

Jacque and I will have lime green ribbons. That may make it easier to find each other. Should we wear them on Thursday as well? Will any of you be in Texas on the 31st?

Can't wait for the crop. I've been working on my Disney pages from December of '99, but I may stop and go to something else. It'd be fun to work on Disney with all of you. (I don't think I can make enough progress to get to the Disney cruise/WDW spring break '01 by the end of the month!)

Last year, I don't think there were any snacks at the crop. If you will want to eat something, you better bring it with you. I do think they have a rule about outside food, but probably wouldn't notice if you had some goodies to snack on during the evening. I'm thinking of bringing a small bottle of pop in my bag to pour into my cropping mug, so I won't have to hike to the concession stand when I get thirsty.

Ann, the ballroom is HUGE and last year the line for the crop stretched a mile. I'd suggest having a cel phone number if you won't be able to join us in line. We can try to save you a spot at a table with us, but you may not be able to easily find us in the mob of people. If you call us we could stand up and wave at you so you won't be walking around looking for green ribbons. Once you find us you could go back out to the concessions to get a sandwich, or get something as you go by (the line will probably go out to where they serve dinner).
Melissa (and the other convention-goers),

Thanks for the information - I guess I really didn't expect it to be that big! WOW!

I'm in the 11:30 Mixed Media class on Friday, but I bet you're in the earlier one. I signed up for quite a few classes (I guess I wanted to make myself stay away from the shopping) but the ones I'm the most excited about are the Aritistic Wire, Tracerkins (I just love paper dolls), Advanced Coluzzle, Punch Art for Heritage Pages, and Very Vellum.

I looked at the convention site a little while ago and noticed that the Friday night crop is FULL. I hope all the DIS'ers that wanted to go got registered!

I really need to work on getting my pages and supplies together. These will be my first "real" crops. I'll probably bring more pictures and supplies than I will use, but I'd hate to run out! LOL!

I will be at the Wednesday crop as soon as I get into Arlington (I'm driving down from OKC on Wednesday morning). I'll also be around on Thursday afternoon. I'm staying at the Wyndam.

Thanks again for all the information. It will certainly help me know what to expect.

Happy Scrapping!

Ok, don't laugh! I have never been to a crop before, but I have tons of supplies. What do I bring? How do I narrow it down? Do you plan your pages before you get to the crop? Sometimes I can slap a page together. Sometimes it takes me two weeks to plan a page. Help!

Also, how am I going to meet up with y'all before the crop? Should we plan a certain time, at a certain place? Maybe we could meet at a certain booth. The Friday night crop is going to be done by the Creating Keepsakes people. Their booth is number 517. Perhaps we could meet there at 4:30 and then go to the crop line. I'll probably be wearing a Disney t-shirt. Tell me, what do you think?
Why don't we just go ahead and get in the line? We could meet at a booth, but if we start getting spots in line we could take turns running to get dinners without losing our place. The line should still be short at 4:30. I only think we should get in line early because I know it will get long, and then it will be impossible to get seats together.

Jacque Marrs and I will be wearing green ribbons. My family wore them for a Dis meet on our cruise in March, so they are still in my suitcase. That should make us easy to spot. If anyone else has a chance to find green ribbon, they could do the same.

Did anyone get their registration/tickets yet? Jacque and I have ours. She got a ticket for a special goodie bag. They said it was for being an early registrant. I didn't get one and I registered before she did! :(

I am probably not the person to answer the questions about a crop. I tend to bring everything including the kitchen sink. Anymore, I try to plan pages in advance, so I'll know what supplies to bring with me. I usually make a list with columns labeled "pages, # of photos, colors, page numbers from idea books that I might use, title". Then when I am shopping I know what pages are coming up and can match die cuts, paper or stickers to my list.

I always take more photos than I will use. You can buy most any paper you would want at the crop. Businesses will be set up around the room. Mostly you need adhesive, scissors, some paper, photos, stickers you might want to use, and anything else that goes with what you might be working on. Try not to load yourself down too much. My shoulder ached for 2 days after I got home last year. In fact, I suggest leaving your cropping stuff in the car and just carrying/wheeling around what you need for the day or might be harmed by the heat.

Having said all this, you may not get much cropping done. They have all kinds of contests and games. It is so fun that it is hard to get your work done! Also, you might look at what your neighbor is working on and decide you HAVE to make one, too. I'm hoping for some wonderful Disney ideas from you guys! Part of the fun of a crop for me, is that you can share ideas. I'm bringing Disney photos and paper piecing patterns from coloring books. I hope to actually get some pages finished this year! (In fact, Jacque talked me into cropping in our room on Thursday night, so we can really make some actual progress!)

Last year they had a contest for best centerpiece. Many folks had worked on theirs in advance. Has anyone heard if they are doing that this year? We could work up something Disney, perhaps?
Thanks Melissa for the help with what to bring. I was wondering the same thing myself. I will make name buttons for everyone so let me know your favorite Disney character! I got my registration and I also get the special goodie bag for early registration :D

I was thinking of bringing my shopping cart (a wire cart on wheels) to help lugging everything around would this be too much?

I have a class until 4:30, I think that if we haven't found each other by then we should just look for each other in line. If you can't find someone just get in line and we'll find you eventually since there are only 5 of us I think we should be able to meet up okay. If I bring my cart I can always add some green ribbon and that would stand out. I'll find someone in line before getting something to eat - we can take turns so that should work out okay.
Janette, I started out last year with a shoulder cropping bag and had to buy wheels to make it through the weekend. I don't think I will carry as much with me the whole time this year. Like I said, you can leave some stuff in the car and go get it before the crop. I would suggest a luggage cart or a bag with wheels if you intend to carry much. I'm probably going to use mine. The only time my wheels were a problem was on Saturday. It gets so crowded in the exhibit hall on the last day and manuvering was difficult.

You might want to have one of those clear envelope-like folders that they sell at Michaels (big enough to hold the size paper you use). I have several that are 12 x 12 and they are great for when you see paper you can't live without. That way it doesn't get bent up. They are also great for storing stickers or die cuts that you purchase. These were life-savers for me last year!
You all are giving me such good ideas. I'm really getting excited. I'll wear a Disney shirt on Friday and have a green ribbon of some type.

I'll e-mail my cell phone number right now before I forget again!

I know we'll be lugging a lot of stuff around, but if you wouldn't mind bringing some Disney pages you have done, I'd love to see them. I'm starting from our most recent trip (last Dec) and hoping to work backwards to our other ones. I'll bring what I have done so far - some of my resort pages turned out pretty cute (I think).

I'm probably going to focus on cruise pictures and character pages. For two adults with no children, we take a TON of pictures with characters!

I'm staying at the Wyndham by the convention center. Hubby is coming down Saturday morning and we're taking a mini vacation with Six Flags and a couple of Rangers games. Should be fun - with time for me to try out some of what I know I will be buying!

Looking forward to a great time!



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