Aren't there family bathrooms in WDW?


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Aug 11, 2000
It seems like I had read that there were some. On our next trip it will just be me and 8 year old DS. He is getting a little uneasy about going to the Ladies restroom so I thought that I would spare him that as much as possible. :) I won't let him go alone in those big restrooms in the parks either. I don't mind the small bathrooms if anyone knows where they are. I always make DS go in and come back and tell me if anyone is in there first. If it's empty he can use it if he hurries.

I'm such an old nag! ;)

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They are called "Companion Restrooms" at WDW. They were marked on the map for Epcot, but not on the maps for the other parks. You can ask any CM and they should be able to point you in the right direction.
hCLICK HERE for a link to a thread about Companion Restrooms. I linked you to page 2, where there is a list of where to find them. Page one has lots of ideas on how to handle the situation.o

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I'm very relieved! This is great info and I'm surprised that it's not publicized more. I may have to visit guest services at parks without this info on their maps and ask about it. Thanks!

wishin' on a star in Texas...

If you look in the other link I posted, you will find a complete list of where to find all the Companion Restrooms.
Possibly, one of the reasons they don't publisize them much is that there are not many of them and they are the only restrooms in the parks (other than AK) where someone using a wheelchair or ecv can get their wheelchair into the bathroom with them. (A wheelchair bigger than a small child's wheelchair won't fit in the handicapped stalls in the regular bathrooms). They are listed in the GUidebook for Guests with Disabilities and anyone who asks for Companion or family restrooms will be able to find them.o

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NO Flushing for you at Disney World! LOL! I got sooooo spoiled not flushing. The toilets flush themselves. Nice clean bathrooms!

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You can also look for the Baby stations, those are easily found, and you should have absolutely no problem whatsoever using those facilities.... You'll have a great time, have fun!


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