Are Your Dreams Vivid?


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Oct 21, 2002
Sometimes I wake up and have to snap back to reality because my dream was so real. I really hate it if I'm having a good dream and the alarm goes off and ends it for me. :bitelip:
I hate it even more, when it is a bad dream. I sometimes have bad dreams and try to scream and not a sound will come out of my mouth.

I know I have a deja vu moment and realize that I dreamed that it would happen that way....spooky.
very vivid and i admit to dreaming a lot of teh solutions that i use on jobs when i have a problem cabinet or such thing i will stress all day then dream the solution and the next day it works:) ( those other vivid dreams i have we arent able to discuss:) at leats not here:)
Yup, mine are in technicolor with casts of thousands.

When it's good, it's very very good...when it's bad, it's horrid. :earseek:

Denise < --- looks forward to her reoccuring dream.

yup, very vivid and I dream in chapters. I can dream up chapter 1 tonight and the next night when I go to bed I can dream chapter 2 of the same dream/story.

Sometimes my dreams resemble soap operas with lots of intrigues. Just last night, I dreamt that I was pregnant again and I caught my boss having an affair with one of my junior high school buddy! LOL!
Yep, they sure are and always have been. Sometimes I can even smell in my dreams.

Just why does the alarm clock go off when you are getting to the good stuff? Happens every single time.

Mad4Mickey sure does have some vivid dreams too, especially lately. :wave:
Yes. I've often said that my dreams are so vivid and detailed that I simply can't describe any of them. Nobody would ever get it. It's almost freaky. :earseek:
Cinematic would be good way to describe my dreams. Hardly any of them are bad dreams. but even those are interesting like a scary movie. :D
Yes, I have very vivid dreams and usually recurring dreams about the same person. Oh, If only that were my real life. lol
I have REALLY vivid dreams - my husband hates it b/c I sometimes wake up mad at something he did in my dream and have to ask if it was dream or reality - he has a rule -

he can not get in trouble for what he does in my dreams!
YES very much so. Like previous posters have mentioned, sometimes I don't even know what is real and what is a dream. Lately though, for some reason, I've been having very weird dreams (even more so then normal).

For example, night before last I dreamed I was riding down the highway in the passenger seat and DDs teacher was driving. I looked out the window at the planets...all of them right ouside the window so close I could almost touch them in very bright colors...very surreal, almost fake-looking. I could even see the rings on Saturn. I told the teacher how happy I was she was driving so I could look at the beautiful planets. Next thing I know, I'm in some sort of a zoo and I go to the bathroom only to notice that there seems to be something embedded in my scalp so I proceed to pull out a small bug, a larger roach and a little miniature turkey. There was more, but I'll spare you the details. :rolleyes: Bizarre
KimR- The miniature turkey part made me almost choke on my coke. :rotfl:
Ya, the miniature turkey got me too!

I have very real dreams, and lots of times have to ask my DH if I said or did something or just dreamed it. They aren't usually the wild imaginative type they're just real life...BUT

One of my weirdest, vivid dreams...I was Frankensteins monster, stumbling thru the woods in the dark of night and the villagers were chasing was even in black and white...they had torches...

another time I was running, fell off the cliff, while falling, everything turned cartoon, I turned into Wylie Coyote, crashed on the desert floor in the canyon, looked down at my coyote feet as cartoon dust clouds and tumble weeds rolled by, and woke up lying on by back checkin' out my real feet... :earseek:


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