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May 9, 2001
If you have used could you please let me know about your experience with them. I just found a really good rate for my flight to WDW, but I have never used this site before, or any online booking for that matter. Any comments would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks a bunch!
I just checked them out after reading your post. I found the same prices for our trip on the airline's web site and So you may want to compare what it found for you on the airline's web site and get tickets that way!
AZKathy - I did check the price on Orbitz & found the same price. Have you ever used Orbitz?

Sorry, I haven't. Call me a nervous nillie, but I have searched for the flights on these sites, but then head to the airline itself. My DH has friends that have used this site (that's where we found out about it) and recommended it to us.


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