Anyone use Murray Hill lately??



Just booked Murray Hill online (for special rate) for my son and DIL so we wont have to leave lovely SOG and pick them up at airport - how was the service? Since they dont have you leave a CC#, have they ever not shown up??? We have tight dinner reservations at OHana.
also, said you pay when you reach destination - is the round trip price due when dropped off or 1/2 at first destination and balance when they return you to airport....any help easing my mind (new car service user)


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Feb 21, 2004
Murray Hills is great. If I was not using DME, I would be using Murray Hills. The business is operated by kind Christian people. My reason for liking them so much is because they are friendly, always helpful, personable and I really feel they are honest.

You pay for the entire trip when you arrive at your destination. You will only need to tip on the return trip.

If you have anything that you do not feel confident about, I would call Marie and talk to her. She is the :teeth:

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Mar 29, 2002
What was the 'special rate' that you got?? I just booked online last night & didn't see anything about 'special rates'. We have used them before & had not problem - even though our plane arrived about 5 hours late, they were still there to greet us!!!


The website said $105 for going to the MK Resorts, but when I went to the online reservation form, the price came up $90 roundtrip! So I thought maybe it was an online price only.


Sep 27, 2001
We used Murray Hill in mid-May for a round trip from MCO to PO French Quarter. They were great. I prepaid with my CC and tipped on each leg of the trip. Used them last December. Very, very happy!


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