Anyone tried the "free" airline tickets


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Jun 3, 2000
for joining a travel club?
Scam or worth a one month membership?
I get phone calls, e-mails, etc (not sure if all the same company) on these free tickets.
For example:

We are giving away 2 Round-Trip Airline Tickets. And with the exception of your hotel stay, no purchase is required and no obligation to buy anything - ever! Whether you decide to fly to Hawaii, Paris, Florida, California, Mexico, or other fabulous destinations, you've got 2 airline tickets coming your way absolutely FREE.
HOW MUCH DOES IT COST? The airline tickets and 30-day trial membership are FREE. However, we do charge $3.95 (three dollars ninety-five cents,)

yada, yada, yada. Sure you have all seen these.
Anyone tried it? I would just quit once I rec'd the tickets.
I'm wondering if you don't get the tickets right away, if that is the catch


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Notice that it says with the exception of your hotel stay no purchase is required, so you can't just quit with the tickets. You must purchase a hotel stay. While I haven't read the details of these promos myself, I've read many comments about them on other message boards. They all seem to require a 7 night stay at a hotel of the promoter's choice at full rack rates. If that is the case with the ones you are referring, they are no bargain at all.
I got one the other day that said (in the very fine print) you must book several days in the specified hotel (I forget how many days exactly) at a rate that was well over $100 per night. I suspect the hotel wouldn't have turned out to be one that I'd willingly spend that much for!

no these aren't good deals because with what you are required to take to get those "free tkts" you must get the hotel and the hotel that you must take is usually a high price hotel(not greatones at that) and you pay rack rates as well. then you are restricted on dates of travel as well. ususallu these airline tkts must be booked in the same class of svc as the frequent traveler tkts and we all know how hard those seats are to come by. the hoops you must jump thru to get those free tkts aren't worth it. you're better off buying your own tkts for travel and getting your own discounts on a hotel or use a reputable TA!

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you get a book of options to chose from and then fill out the Reservation Request Form,45 to 90 days before travel mail it,they check for availablity and processed with in 7 business days or make ressi's at website.

I didn't think it was so bad!there is a required stay according to where you live.For Orlando, from my city it's 8 nites[there is a 6 & 5 nite,too] the Hotels are HYATT ORLANDO 1/4-4/30-$159.-5/1-12/1-$149,WESTGATE LAKES RESORT-$129. year round,DOUBLE TREE RESORT $159. year round.[I'm spending at HIFS $154. the first night and $124. the next 3 nights and then $104. at All Stars]So, I don't think it unreasonable when they will likely pay $600. a ticket $1200.for two[from NW USA cheapest I found was $353.pp from a ticket broker] to fly me to Orlando!! What do you think??

But Orlando isn't the only option,there are 11 cities in all,to choose from!! So, all in all I think it alright!! I also checked it out with my AAA TA and he had only good things to say about the travel company that offers this One. I got it for a trial membership {3.95} in "Buyer Privilage".


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I don't know anyone who has seen a legit one of these. We won one as a door prize and threw it out. (Today I guess I could sell it in E-Bay). No to throw water on your parade but if these were legit you'd see posts here from people who have used them.
Things for you to check:

1) Are you sure the hotel rates arent't per person (double occupancy required)?
2) Beverly-- What is the probability of getting FF flyer tickets to Orlando (or anyplace else worth going) 45-90 days before a trip?
3) Check for booking fees, reservation fees, taxes etc.

tink2dw, I do not think that's a good deal at all. If I remember correctly, you fly from Portland. Southwest Airlines runs fare sales all the time (matched by other airlines) that would allow you to purchase roundtrip tickets for about $215, so that's $430 for two people if you time it properly. All of the hotels you listed are available at well below $100 per night during periods of low-moderate occupancy, which would presumably be when the promoter has access to rooms at those hotels. Multiply the difference in price by 8 nights and you'll see that it's no bargain.

Unless you did an EXACT comparison with your EXACT travel dates, you really can't compare what you are paying at the hotels where you are staying, because rates at each of those hotel can be gotten for much less during most of the year. Your travel is at a peak time.

I also recall from your previous posts that you would not use Priceline for an airline ticket because you had no control over your itinerary. Would it be any different with this promotion? I doubt it.
I beg to differ. I bought annual passes to WDW and Sea World,so i have admissions. All stars cost $1224.70 [yes I Know I'm going in Peak Season]at $104. a nite for ten nites. the current trip is costing well over $5500.

the next trip with these 2 free airfares, will cost a fraction of that,

$1032. for the resort 8 nites

$800. for food 9 days

rental car $350. at dollar

$353.[what we are paying this trip]1 more airfare,depending on whether Dh can arrange vacation time

=$2535.for 8 nites
not bad at all,when compared to the present trip.

I have seen other posters proclaim simular costs as this to be a great Bargains!!!

I'm ready to plan a return trip!!

A fair comparison can only be done comparing apples to apples. That's not what you've done.

What are the travel dates for your trip that will cost $1,032 for airfare and hotel. That's all we're talking about, right? Or does the free ticket offer include anything else?

Are the airline tickets on a commercial airline or a charter carrier? Are your flight times during standard hours or do they include a redeye. How many stops or connections do the flights include?


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