Anyone stay at Disney's Vero Beach Resort?


Earning My Ears
Feb 18, 2000
I was hoping I might get a hotel review from my fellow cost conscious vacationers. Anybody know how to get a good rate at this resort? Any info you can provide is appreciated!
There are two options that I am aware of that would offer you a good deal. The first is called Disneys Magic Vacation offers. You can get there with this address. I think the deal ends 2/15/01 but you may call to see if they are going to extend it. It would require atteneding a Disney Vacation Club presentation but Disney is low pressure/no pressure and sticks to the time frame they give you unlike other timeshare presentations.

The second option is to rent points from a DVC member if you are going during the week. If you want to go over the weekend check the lowest cash rate you can get (mention AAA if you have that for a discount, I know the Hilton Head property offers a AAA discount). To find out about renting DVC points go to the DVC rent/trade forum on the dis. and search for FAQ if this isan't in the first few pages. Durning the week I don't think you can get a better deal, on weekends it may be a differnt story so check first.
Sometimes you can get an entertainment rate if you have the card (certain times of year) - or they often run specials into the springtime. The Vero resort is very beautiful and relaxing!!!! A great community - we usually include a few days here to unwind from the "rat race" before we go to see the Mouse!
I don't see Disney's Vero Beach listed on the Entertainment website. Has anyone ever used their entertainment card for a discount at this resort?

When we went, we got 25% off with the coupon in the back of the Birnbaum's Disney book. We just asked for the Birnbaum's discount, and they never asked to see the coupon (though we did have it!)

Vero Beach is a beautiful resort. We ate at both Shutters and Sonjas and thought the food was excellent. We also ate at the pool bar, where my little one lived on fruit cups and slushies. Both daughters loved the children's progams, especially the "unbirthday" parties, the pool and metal detecting on the beach (we found no treasure, though). The only disappointment was that we couldn't actually swim at the beach, due to warnings about riptides, sharks, stingrays, and I forget what else. If you are a shell collector, you will find lots of shells on the beach, though.

I hope you have fun!
Vero Beach is where we when on a DVC Tour with no intention of buying. In fact on the first day there I told the Host that it just didn't make sense to me. She replied that, Yes I could get cheaper hotel rooms but they thought something more was offered. By the end of the trip my wife and I turned to each oter and said, that was the best trip we ever had. It was relaxing, the kids were occupied all day. When they were tired from swimming at the end of the day and we went to Shutters, we had the best waiter who turned our crabby table into a laughing table. Amazing.

I wold highly recommmend the Tour. I takes 1 1/2 hours and there is NO Pressure. I expected to hear from the guide again but no one bothered me at all. I think this is what finally sold me, the lack of pressure.

Vero is really nice looking. Go out early in the day and watch the quiet maintainance that happens in the morning. The pool slide is great and there is a Kiddie water/climbing area for the small kids. You won't be disappointed.

Kurt from MI

CB 1995
Vero/ASMov 1999
DVC joined 1999
OKW 1999
HH 1999
Disneyland Paris 2000
Vero/DCL/BW 2000
HH Dec 2000
DCL July 7 2001

Vero Beach is very nice and typical disney quality. However, I would not go back again. The reason is I don't like the east coast of Florida beaches. I prefer the west coast and specifically the Sarasota area. The first nite we stayed at Vero we could not go into the ocean because there were at least 30 plus sharks feeding on mullet coming out of the inlet. I got some great video of the feeding sharks. The next day was fine and the water was great. Enjoy! Have a great vacation!!

Thank you all for your replies and information! I was drawn to the destination because it's Disney and it must be good. But truth be told, I'm a gulf coast lover and the thought of sharks being a fairly common occurance--YIKES! Anyway, thank
you all again.


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