Anyone seen Jessie??


Apr 17, 2000
My 4yr old DD is a BIG fan of Jessie from Toy Story 2 - she even does an impression of her! Where have people seen her?
Jessie comes out at MGM near Pizza Planet with Woody and Buzz. Sometimes Bullseye is even out there! They come out minutes after park opening and the line gets long quick, but if you bee-line over there, you'll get the best experience with little to no wait.

Good Luck!
She periodically appears at Al's Toy Barn which is located to the left of The Backlot Theater (where Hunchback plays.)

Por favor mantengan se alejado de las puertas
We saw her at MGM just to the left of the Little Mermaid attraction/show about 45 mins. after park opening. There is a movie theater building/facade and we just happened upon it. My girls got to meet her, Buzz and Woody. They were thrilled!

Take my advice she is not often at "Al's Toy Barn' anymore but I didn't get an answer why. We waited in line for Buzz & Woody and my girls were happy but they really wanted to meet Jessie. I asked the CM when/if she would be out and he said she is usually in the trailers by Lil Mermaid (by millionaire). We walked over there and only Pooh and Friends :-(. We finally found her on by accident on Sunset Blvd across from the theater with Beauty and the Beast. So short story is ask a CM to find out where she will be and what times when you enter MGM. Actually if you have a "must meet" character this works well at every park.
Yip.We met her at Als Toy Barn with Buzz and Woody
That was in September but I don't think things change that much.



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