Anyone ever booked with travelocity or expedia


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Apr 28, 2001
I am thinking of booking a DC through travelocity or expedia due to their great prices, has anyone ever done this and if so what was your experience?
I just did a quick comparison with Expedia vs. DCL for our cruise in October and DCL came in slightly higher - I didn't see any significant savings and virtually no savings when I took into account a booking with DU and the rebate they were offering.

Searching for the lowest available 7 day cruise price for the fall time frame yielded no difference at all.

I guess there may be deals out there, but I'm just not seeing them.

I've often used Expedia for airline tickets, and they are fine as long as you don't need to get in touch with them for anything after you've booked - though maybe they've gotten better about this since the last time I had occasion to call them.

A couple of things to keep in mind about Expedia - the teaser rates that they have are based on a cat 12 cabin. They do not include insurance or ground transfers (which DCL's quote system does by default and you need to deselect these if you don't want them), do not include any government fees or taxes and do not include a non-refundable $15 processing charge. This makes it hard to really know what it's going to cost you until you actually get to the billing summary page.
We booked our May 11 cruise with Orbitz, which is very similar to Expedia and Travelocity. They got us the Spring Time Magic Rate--same as that offered by Disney--plus their processing fee of $15. In other words, I could've saved $15 booking directly through Disney. The thing is, I was unaware of the STM rate until Orbitz informed me of this. If I had done more research prior to booking, I might have discovered it on my own. But it was worth $15 for the peace of mind of knowing I was getting the best rate. I compared rates from several of the big travel companies.
I have booked airline tickets with both Orbitz and Expedia, and we have had no problems, but I would be hesitant to book a cruise unless the price was VERY low.
If there are problems with the airline tickets, I can call the airline directly even tho' I booked through an internet service (I have done this to change seat assignments and also to straighten things out when United cancelled our flights after 9/11). However, that can't be done with a cruise, as the agent must be the one to deal with DCL. Therefore, I will only book through an agent I trust and know I can get in touch with. We do all our cruises through DU because I am very comfortable with them. I would only take a chance through Expedia if the savings were VERY significant.
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spent a lot of time on line and phone comparing price for 4-20 cruise on magic. best bargain was thru
We booked thru Travelocity and I would not recomend it!

We paid the same price as if we booked with DCL. The service was terrible. Any time I had a question I had to wait on hold for twenty minutes before I could get any help. One time when I did get thru to a rep. I was told that I had the wrong reservation number and they had us booked on the wrong cruise line. Very unsettling!!! We did not receive the docs until 6 days before the cruise. The day we received the docs we got a phone call asking us if we received another families docs by mistake! Very unprofessional! The next time we book a cruise we are using Dreams Unlimited. I hope this helps!!

P.S. We just got back from our Cruise and it was Wonderful!!!!


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