Anyone cruising next April 6th on the Magic?


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Apr 6, 2001
I am looking for someone who maybe be cruising on the 7 day Magic cruise from April 6th-13th.
I am travelling with my Mother and my ( then will be almost 18 yr old ) daughter. I thought it might be fun to correspond before the cruise and then meet up onboard. Is there another Disney Mom my age (47), who would like to mail and meet? :rolleyes:

Fair Winds and Following Seas...
Too bad you are not cruising sooner. We are leaving next Saturday. I am also from Ottawa. It would of been nice to have someone to chat with locally about the upcoming trip. I hope you find someone.
Thanks for the reply. How I envy you, going this weekend on the cruise and we have to wait almost a year! I hope you have a great time with great weather etc and if you really enjoy it you can book another one for next year and we will plan together! :D When you get back will you post a trip report? I would love to hear about your cruise as we have not done the seven day one yet only the four day so maybe we could get in touch if you'd like... Have a super, great, fabulous time.

Fair Winds and Following Seas...
I hope to post a trip report. Hmmm planning another one for next year. That sounds like a good idea. Hopefully I can get this one paid off by then. :D


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