Anybody ever go to Canada to buy your RV??

Lisa L from MI

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Oct 13, 1999
I am from MI and have been looking for a new RV (right now we have a pop-up). Actually we have decided on my post below if you want....anyway....I called Indiana and they were about 1500 less than the dealer from the show but 5 hours away! I decided to call Canada (we are only about 1/2 hour away) and their price is 3500.00 less than Indiana!!

We are going to the dealer in Canada tomorrow to check out the final pricing etc including discounts and I have a feeling it is going to be a go. I was at first afraid of paying duty etc but they informed me there is no duty whatsoever and it would cost nothing extra to drive it over the boarder home.

Anyone ever buy an RV from Canada??

Wouldn't you have to pay some type of extra taxes, like state taxes? I don't know the answer, but maybe you could call you license branch and find out. That would probably be the place you'd have to pay the taxes if the place in Canada didn't collect them.

Good luck!

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flyTINKERBELL.gif would pay your state sales tax when you register the rv at the secretary of state. We are getting ready to go....will let you know what happens



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