Any tips/advice for helping Pooh-size guests ride Flight of Passage?


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Mar 17, 2000
My Father-in-law is a pretty big guy: 6'1'', 290 pounds forty eight pants size (at least according to my wife) I am a little concerned about his ability to get onto flight of passage for our upcoming trip. I was wondering if anyone was on the board who would have any advice or tricks Worth sharing about how to approach the ride vehicle to increase his chances of being able to ride.

Thanks advance for the help!


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Jul 26, 2014
I'm 6'2" 325 lb, carry most of my weight in my belly and I was able to ride with no issues. What I did, based on other posts here and elsewhere was to slide as far forward on the seat as I could and to suck my gut in and kind of arch my back a bit. The leg restraints are never and issue, but the back restraint never auto locks for me, but a CM can get it to manually lock on the first try. I've ridden 6 times total over 2 trips and have never been turned away.
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    May 12, 2000
    People with issues with the leg/calf restraints report wearing flip flops helps, I guess more flexible than sneakers.


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    Dec 20, 2014
    Respectfully, that thread of 39 pages is not precisely on point. What I was trying to do with this thread is have a concise thread for people to go to containing simple tips and advice for people who may be challenged by this ride
    It was the only thread where DISers could share their weight and measurements and discuss what enabled them to fit on the ride.

    The simplest tip is to have him try the “test vehicle” before he joins the FoP queue.


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    Jul 8, 2018
    5’8’’ - 310lbs - I have never been able to fit on the FOP test seat. The last time I tried, the CM told me to go through the line anyway and try the actual seat. I quickly found some tips online, and I was able to fit that time and every time since.

    Here’s what I do:
    1-sit down and move all the way forward; 2-(when the CM says they’re activating the restraints) sit up straight with perfect posture, hold in my stomach, arch my lower back inward, and lean forward;
    3-(right after 2) lift my heels off the floor so only my toes are on the floor (flip flops or bendable sandals are best) and then relax my back and feet after the restraints lock;
    4-if the CM comes to check my restraints, I repeat steps 2 and 3. Sometimes the CM has to push the restraints manually. Once the restraints are locked, I relax and experience the best ride ever!

    My sister (who is larger than me) follows these tips, and she has been able to ride every time. We also do not wear thick or layered clothing on the ride. Hope this helps!

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