Any recipes for 'whole foods" ?


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Mar 14, 2001
Im trying to rid myself of a lot of processed foods ( noble of me isnt it? ;) )
Does anyone know of any good sites for healthy cooking without a lot of processing?
I haven't looked for that kind of recipe in a long time, but recipes for living frugally tend to be good resources since processed foods are expensive. The More-With-Less Cookbook is awesome. I use it all the time.
Hope this helps!

I got a whole foods cookbook for Christmas. Sadly, I haven't really looked through it (guess I should open it up this week!) :)

The book is Rodale's Basic Natural Foods Cookbook.

Are you looking for anything specific (beef/chicken/pork entrees, veggie only, side dishes, desserts?)
Thank you! That site is wonderful.

Im basically just trying figure out a way to incorporate more whole foods into our regular diets. I have a husband and 3 kids who will be, shall we say, resistant? But if I can sneak stuff in I think I will be ok ;)

Thanks again!
Good luck, binny!

Feel free to PM me if you are ever looking for a specific recipe. I'll flip through my cookbooks to see what I have.

I've had lots of luck making whole wheat pizza crust for my hubby (he prefers regular pizza crust, but he enjoys the wheat crust as well).

Try visiting a natural foods store to look for replacements for processed foods. Our grocery store has a whole foods section. I get pizza sauce and cereal there. They also carry soy milk in the whole foods section and the refrigerated section.

If you can find a decent whole foods store that sells meats (beef, poultry, pork) and fish, (and you eat meat/fish), think about purchasing from them. The meat and fish would be organic (most likely). I don't eat meat, but I do eat fish. We are fortunate enough to live about 30 minutes away from Whole Foods (the grocery store I linked you to for recipes). I try to get my fruits and veggies there as well.

8 Weeks to Optimum Health by Dr. Andrew Weil is a great book! I got the paperback version for Christmas and it was on sale for $5.95. Not a bad investment. He outlines an 8 week plan for changing your diet to incorporate healthier foods in place of the processed foods we are used to eating on a daily basis. There are some yummy recipes in there too!

Read labels!!! The one thing I am always amazed to find listed as an ingredient is hydrogenated oil! This is something I'm avoiding like the plague. It's in crackers, dips, some brands of veggie "chicken", cereal, etc.

Hope I didn't bore you to tears or tell you something you already knew.
Not at all Tig I appreciate all the advice! :D

I have been been making progress slowly but surely. I know about the hydrogenated oil that stuff is NASTY! I can't believe how much of it is in stuff we eat all the time and its so bad for us!

Thanks again!

I bookmarked that site and will keep checking it for recipes.

If I can think of something specific I will email you thanks for the offer :)


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