Any other hotels that offer early entry to Universal Studios?


Mar 21, 2001
The only two I've seen are Portofino's (sp?) and the Hard Rock. I don't want to spend that much money on a hotel. With all the things we have planned we won't be in the room that much. Thanks
The only other hotels that offer early entry are the ones that are booked in the packages with Universal Studios Vacations.


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Don't just look at your room as a place to stay, but look at it as being a Universal On-Site Guest. Part of your hotel room cost is FOTL all day in the parks. Although their is no cost associated with this benefit, trust me, it is valuable. You also get preferred seating at the Universal restaurants. This is key! Not having to wait for a seat is a nice feature these days in an over crowded society. You also pay for convenience. You walk right outside your hotel room and, BAM! The parks are right their in front of you! Not only that, but you can take hotel transportation right to the park. I hope this makes you think twice about the room rates. Go for it, it's worth it!!
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