Any nursing moms training for the marathon?

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  1. the bubbas

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    Mar 28, 2006
    My husband and I want to run in the half marathon in Jan 2007. I had my third baby in Nov. and am breastfeeding. I need to loose approx 40 lbs as well. :blush: When do we need to register? How much does it cost? This will be our 4th trip with the kids, but first Marathon. I'm worried about the training and having a little one. My husband is in great shape, already running 10 miles several times a week. I'll have to train on the treadmill at the Y (b/c of childcare). Is this possible? Any other tips? I was thinking of staying somewhere like the Poly, is this a good choice for my parents and the kids to see? Thanks so much!
  2. Lisa loves Pooh

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    Apr 18, 2004
    Poly is great--they can go to the TTC and see you there (cell phones are a must as well as accurate split times for proper estimates).

    they then walk on over through the Poly lot and should be able to pick you up on the flip side just after you pass the wedding pavillion. And if you are doing the full--they join the crowds in line on the monorail and head to the finish. The finish area is INCREDIBLY crowded....and tough to get a good spot--but it can be done. They can join you at the reunion tent and see you finish on the big screen.

    I had stayed last year until the very last runner was in--a dad and baby were waiting at EPCOT and mom just had a tough time with the full---they walked with her in (easier to do once the crowds did--don't expect this--but I have seen several pick up their little ones and bring them on in). Anyway--she felt horrible--of course the cheerleader I am tells her that she did awesome and she finished which is more than others can say. I also told her to turn the stroller around when she got to the finish line so that her baby would be in the finish photo with her (it was an infant carrier so baby was backwards).

    It can be done. I'm hoping to be preggers next time around---and secretly..yes I wonder if it can be done pregnant and how pregnant can you be for an endurance event.

    I quit training for Minnie--but plan on getting back into the swing of running soon. My flabby thighs will appreciate it.

    You can train on a treadmill--be sure to get some long runs in on land. Entire training on treadmill is doable--but roadwork will make a world of difference. I treadmill trained during the week and had a sitter on Saturdays for my long run so I could do that on the road.

    When baby is 6 months old--he/she would be big enough for a jogging stroller--so if a babysitter is not an option--doing some road work during the week with baby would be beneficial.

    Nursing before your runs is ideal--I dont' remember exactly--but something about the lactic acid your body produces getting into your milk--so if feeding time is right after a run it could affect baby.

    I had a friend who trained while nursing no problem.

    And someone told me that during Disney one year--they spotted a mom who stopped to nurse along the course and then got right back in. My legs would kill me for the dead stop--but a nursing mom has got ot do what she has got to do.
  3. DVCkidsMOM

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    May 29, 2003
    I know that LaLecheLeage has information on exercise while breastfeeding. If I remember correctly (youngest is nearly 6, so I haven't nursed or been to LLL in a while) the difference in breastmilk flavor after exercise is something to which the baby adjusts just as he/she would if you changed your diet. I also know there were books at the library on how to do intense exercise/training while breastfeeding. Neighbor runs, and has since her baby was a few months old, with a jogging stroller from Target - there are also technical models on the internet. My sister used to marathon (Ironman now) and at one of her races I saw a mother marathoning with a 4-seater baby jogger - WOW :thumbsup2
  4. sap1227

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    Nov 6, 2002
    Welcome!! I did the Half last year and I was getting close to the end of nursing DS#2 (he was almost 1 at the time of the half). But when I started training I was still nursing quite a bit. The lactic acid never seemed to bother him (DS#1 would spit up and be really crabby if I fed him after exercise). Let you baby be your guide! The Poly is a wonderful place to stay! You sould very similar to my family---my DH is in wonderful shape and me--not so much. I also need to lose about 40 pounds, so I feel you there!

    Good Luck, you will find so much great info here!


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