Any info on the Little Boy Blue Motel??


Earning My Ears
Sep 16, 2000
I was wondering if any of you know anything about the Little Boy Blue Inn?? I'm looking for a reasonable clean place for maybe October (I'm thinking of taking my mom for her 70th bday), and that came up on Travelweb. I will most likely go thru Priceline if nothing else comes up. How are the crowds, weather, etc, the second week of Oct? Any holidays? upcoming conventions that I need to be aware of ???



PS, forgot to mention, the picture on Travelweb makes it look kind of dumpy.....

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I've never stayed there, but it hasn't looked too great when I've driven past it -- I'd recommend the Candy Cane Inn or one of the motels in the 1600 block of Harbor Blvd. instead - the price difference won't be much and they'll be much fresher and nicer for you and your mom.

Have a *magical* time!!!


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