any info. on the holiday inn on International Dr. ?


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Mar 29, 2001
Has anyone stayed at the Holiday Inn on International Dr. near Universal?
We are booked to stay there and I would just like a little reasurance. It looks great from the pics., but we all know how that can go. Thanks :)
I stayed there through an incredible deal on Priceline in October,2000. I was VERY pleased with this hotel. I transferred from there to Disney Property and was more pleased with them than I was with Disney!

Make sure you get the Priority Club card, if you don't have one already. It can get you special perks like a coupon book and late check out, both of which we used. You can apply on

The hotel was packed up until Labor Day then virtually emptied out. I liked the idea that it had a refrigerator AND a microwave in the room. We got an upgrade because of the PC club and my son LOVED the fact that we could see the skyline of Universal from our room. It's awesome at night.

I was impressed by their customer service and location, which was walking distance from many things, which was a plus for us because we didn't have a car. One rainy day we went to Chuck E Cheese and walked back leisurely. It's a pleasure to be able to just walk to pick up groceries or food.

It's an older property but they make up for it with customer service. I hope you enjoy your stay.


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