Any ideas for a Baby shower cake?


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Jun 25, 2002
We are having a baby shower for a little princess princess: and I would love some ideas for decorating a cake? Other snack ideas would be welcomed also!

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Mar 1, 2005
I don't know how fancy you want to get, but I once made a cake "present" with a baby's head coming out of the top. I think you can find it on Wilton's website. It turned out really cute. You can decorate the Present box and then put hair on baby's head or whatever you want to do. I also made little cookies shaped in baby items (bottle, rocking horse, etc) and placed those around the cake.


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Jul 15, 2003
I couldn't find an online pic of ends up being a pair of baby booties. Very, very cute. And, really all that is needed on a baby shower cake.

Bootie Decoration Required: Large marshmallows, toothpicks, frosting, cake decorating bag, cookie sheet

Color the frosting into preferred colors for the baby booties. Each bootie will take three marshmallows and two toothpicks. Place two marshmallows on top of each other (flat sides together) and push a toothpick through them. The third marshmallow place next to the two with the flat side down and run a toothpick through the side connecting it to the bottom of the other two. Use a star tip and cover all of marshmallows with frosting this way. Ideas for decorating would be to cover in white and accent the edge with pink or blue frosting. Use a thin writing tip to create shoelaces and allow to air dry to harden.


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Nov 10, 2002
I have recently seen little pacifiers made with wintergreen (white) lifesavers and a baby blue (pink could be used) jelly belly standing straight up in the middle. It was glued in place with royal icing so the whole thing was edible.


Jul 8, 2005
You could use fondont to make a cute checkered, stripped, or pockadot pattern on a cake. For snacks you could make ice cream sandwiches with cookies and ice cream. Other snacks could be star or heart shaped cookies on a stick(to look like a princesses wand), teddy grahams with yogurt, fruit kabobs, and chips and dip. Do you have a theme???? If it is a princess theme, you can put dip in a little pumpkin and make it look like Cinderella's carriage.


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Aug 31, 1999
I just made one for Friday and did a clothsline design. On the clothesline I did 2 onesies, pants and a bib. I also made grass and flowers along the bottom. It was so cute and the mother-to be and father-to-be were very pleased.

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