Any Hair Dressers out There??

Kaos Creator

Aug 1, 2000
I need to know how to do a certain hairstyle!!

It basically looks like a perm in longer hair. It is very loose corkscrew type curls that hang down in longer hair - but is not a perm. It is very pretty on little girls hair - and I want to do it to DD, but not sure how. Is it done with rags or pipecleaners or something?? I am trying to find a picture of it - but can't seem to!Hoping you know what I mean!
Im not completely sure what your talking about. But I would probably just spiral curl the hair with an iron but dont pull it out with a brush or anything. Use something like laminates spray and then curl it will have a nice shine and stay well.
If you find a pic let me know and I can tell you better. :)
I think tnkrbell is right, curl it with a hot iron and just pull the curls down from the iron. Do not comb or brush.

There are also tube rods that will produce this effect if you do not want to use a hot iron. They are like pipe cleaners, so I sure you could use them. Being careful when you untwist them to keep the hair together. You can wrap it around your finger as you untwist.

Wrap it around the cleaner trying to form a line of curls like a spring, twist the two ends of the cleaner together to form an oval, and let dry completely. Then carefully unwrap using a circular motion.


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