Any discounts for May yet?


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Jan 1, 2001
I've been off the boards for the last month or so, hoping I haven't missed any discount codes for May. We're planning to go Apr 30 to May 7.

We'll see you there! We'll be there April 30 - May 5 at the beach club then on the cruise! Someone on another thread said to watch for codes after the holidays. princess: :wizard: pirate:
We'll be there Apr 27 - May 7
(Apr 27 - May 1 at AKL, May 1 - May 7 BCV)
Already have BCV rented, but would love an AP rate for AKL!

We'll be there 4/30 - 5/7. I'll be keeping my eye on these boards very closely, and keeping my fingers crossed for those codes!
Well Hello my fellow Disney fans who all seem to be waiting for the codes for May and beyond. I myself have the room booked at the rack rate. The Wilderness Lodge From May 13 to May 21, and now I wait for those discount codes its like Charlie looking for the Golden Ticket.

Well I hope they come out soon, so I can rebook the 4 rooms I need for the Grand Gathering I am in charge of.

well take care

Tron72 out of here

I checked yesterday on the code release date history for May/June. Last year the general codes came out February 2nd. AP rates for that same time frame didn't come out unitl April 24th! So, I'm looking for the discounts in February. Hope that helps!


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