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Discussion in 'Transportation' started by AlexandNessa, Dec 19, 2006.

  1. AlexandNessa

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    Jun 14, 2003
    We have usually used Tiffany and have been very satisfied with them. However, this trip, we had a complicated reservation, and Tiffany took too long to get back to me with pricing and logistics. Bob from Sunray contacted me straight away with all the details I needed to make me feel confident that he'd keep the reservation straight and provide a vehicle large enough for 4 adults all with luggage (this meant 6 large suitcases and 4 carry-ons).

    Not only did Sunray keep the reservation straight, they allowed me a last minute grocery stop when I hadn't had one scheduled for one leg of the trip. I woke up with severe eye allergies, and my doctor called in a prescription to a local Walgreens not far from where we stayed the first night (at the Marriott Orlando airport). I called Bob as soon as I knew I'd need to pick up the prescription, but it was only about a 30-45 minute warning. He did so with no problem, and I got my eyedrops which probably saved my trip!

    Then he dropped off us 2 adults at the BWI. Picked up 4 adults 5 days later and took us to Port Canaveral, then picked us up 4 days later at the Port, and dropped 2 off at the airport and 2 of us back to the Royal Pacific Resort. Then he picked up the 2 of us back to the airport on Sunday, 12/17.

    On the way down to the port, he had let us know that our pick up from the port on Thursday was a busy day for them, so if he didn't pick us up, his driver would be holding a red sign with our name. That red sign came in handy as it is a bit of a cluster coming off the ship since everyone is waiting in the same place for their car service. Rick was our driver that day, and he was very nice as well.

    All in all, we would surely use them again.
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    Mar 24, 2004
    I am glad to hear how happy you are. We are using them this Friday. After all the planning, our trip is finally happening.

    MAGICPOTATO Earning My Ears

    Apr 14, 2006
    We too just returned from our WDW vacation 12/9 - 16 - used Sunray - LOVED them!!! They were on-time, curtious, great cars - we used two SUV's for 8 of us. It was a great beginning AND ending to our super vacation. Would encourage EVERYONE to use this service. Great value and you are able to enjoy your entire vacation.

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