Anniversary dinner, sadly not at WDW

Discussion in 'Disney Restaurants' started by rcyannacci, Aug 13, 2002.

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    It is coming up on my husband's and my 5th anniversary (we did the honeymoon at WDW). Since we are buying our first house this year, a WDW vacation is not in the works. But I thought I might plan a WDW dinner with some recipes from the parks. I would love some input on recipes that you have tried and worked well, and where you found them. I am already planning on making the Kungaloosh from the Adventure's club, but the menu is open from there. I would love to have a fun anniversary meal in our new house and be able to remember the honeymoon.

    These are some of our fav. places to eat:
    Rose and Crown, Flying Fish, O'Hana's, Artist Point, San Angel Inn, and, of course, Hoop de Doo.

    One more thing- has anyone tried the recipe for the Banana Napoleon from the Flying Fish- it looks to be quite difficult and time consuming.

    Thanks in advance for any insight you might have!
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    That sounds like a great idea. Go over to the recipe board, I remember seeing a couple of posts with website addresses of people with lots of Disney recipes. Good luck and have fun.

    P.S. My personal choice would be recipes from 'Ohana, one of our favorites! Maybe you can find a big lazy Susan to put your food on. Again, have fun!

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