Amy & Chelle's Groovy Trip-Day 1


Happy Mommy of 2
Feb 16, 2001
Amy-28, My life partner and life long disney addict
Chelle-Me, 32 Amy inducted me into the disney addict club back in 2000...I've never been the same :p

Sunday, February 1st

Woke up at 3:00 a.m. and headed to Chicago's Midway airport. Everything went smoothly at airport and before we knew it we were on the plane and on our way to Orlando. Goodbye Chicago, snow and 30 below zero!!!
We arrived at Orlando airport without any complications and were greeted by our Tiffany Towncar driver at baggage claim. He helped us with our luggage and directed us to the car. He was unaware that we had requested a grocery stop, but stopped for us anyway. We ran in and grabbed a case of bottled water and we were off to the Pop Century Resort.
Upon our arrival at the resort, I paid for the Tiffany Towncar. I had a coupon from my passporter that should have made the roundtrip charge $72.00, but he insisted that the roundtrip charge to the Pop Century was $90.00 not the $80.00 I had been quoted. He said after the coupon the fare should be $80.00. I asked how an $8.00 coupon could make it $10.00 less than the price he was insisting on charging me. He didn't understand the question. After a short discussion, I decided to let it go and pay the $80.00. It was the start of our vacation and I didn't want to start it off on the wrong foot. In Disney we don't Sweat the Small Stuff!!
Meanwhile, Amy had checked our luggage with bell services and was waiting for me at the entrance to the lobby of the resort. We entered and were greeted by a very large check-in area, much nicer than the All Star Sports lobby. The line was a little longer than I had expected it to be at 11:00 a.m., but it moved very efficiently. The women who checked us in was very friendly and efficient. We had requested a room in the 50's section with a King bed. She informed us that there were no rooms with king beds in the 50's section available, but we could have a room with a king bed in the 80's or a room with double beds in the 50's section. We opted for the room in the 50's. We knew we would like the theming better and from the map of the resort the 50's section seemed more centrally located. I was impressed that she gave us a choice of rooms at was a very nice touch! Much to our surprise the room was ready at 11:00 a.m.!! We explored the food court and resort shop before we headed to our room. The food court was very large and had a lot of seating. The shop was nice and had a wide assortment of Disney goods. On our way to our room, we stopped to check out the Hippy Dippy Pool. Very cute. Kids will love the big flowers that squirt water. I was glad to see the icons were done nicely...not as tacky as Allstar Sports. Of course, the theme of this resort is much more to my liking than sports, anyway. The Huge Lady and Tramp icons greeted us as we entered the 50's section. The bowling pin pool was nice sized. We found our room and I have to say it was small, but we had expected that. The colors were very inviting and the room was much more pleasant than the room we had stayed in at the Allstars. I especially enjoyed the wall paper border that was on the had tiny little tinkerbells on it! Very Cute!
Our luggage had not arrived in the room yet, so we decided to head to the Magic Kingdom for the afternoon. Stay tuned for Day 1 part II-Magic Kingdom!


DIS Veteran
Oct 15, 2003
Glad the towncar incident did not "sour" the start of your vacation!

Looking forward to the rest of your trip report...............


Dec 28, 1999
I was insulted......hahaha......but like you said....I would not let the small stuff ruin our time.....thanks so much for your great two are going to have a great time......


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