American Eagle 64 seater prop plane


May 28, 2000
I posted this in the transportation forum awhile back but no one answered me.

Has anyone flown from Miami to Orlando on American Eagle on their 64 seater prop plane?

I am not scared of flying but I've flown on this airplane way back in the late 80's on Midway Airlines. It was shaky and very loud. So I make sure I avoid flights on this kind of airplane. I am using air miles so this is a free fare.

I've heard that American will stop using these planes and upgrade to jet service. But I have not heard specific dates of conversion. I don't fly until July 1.

So please write your good and bad experiences here. I may just jump ship and drive from Miami. However DH does not want to since we are arriving from Cancun and arriving close to 10 pm.

Thank you,

I work for American Airlines and I frequently fly this route (not a flight attendant -- just my own trips to WDW :) ) The flight is louder than a jet but it is a smoother ride than some of the other planes in American Eagles fleet. I am afraid of flying and for some reason it doesn't bother me on this flight, probably because the duration you are actually in the air is about 45-50 minutes. At that time of the night, I am not sure if there is jet service running between Miami and Orlando but you can check with the frequent flier desk. You can make changes to your reservation with no penalties if you keep the same cities. If you drop the flight to Orlando it does cost you $75 per ticket if you have already ticketed your itinerary.

Hope this helps.


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We flew to NYC from Buffalo last August on an American Eagle prop plane. I was very reluctant, but it was not as bad as I thought. I am sure that it was smaller than a 64 seater, much smaller. It definately is louder than a jet and the flight was longer but we would do it again, we just could'nt beat the price.
The only time I had a problem with propeller planes is last July when I took a Midwest express connection flight from Milwaukee to Des Moines, IA. It is in a Beech 1900, holds only 19 people. The plane is so small it doesn't even has overhead bins or lavatories. The engine is noisy, the cabin cramped and hot (air-conditioner is really straining), and the 45 minute flight feels like 4 hours because of that.

As for those 64 seat prop planes....I think they are fine. Infact they are even more comfortable than a 727 or some older 737s if you ask me. As long as you don't fly them in really cold region, I won't worry about it.

I rode on a prop plane about that size from JFK to Hartford. I was scared to death (almost) and I am not normally afraid to fly. Very loud and shakey. I felt like it might fall out of the sky at any time. Never again for me.

I've been on many flights with small planes (hopper poppers--I call them) and the only one that gave me fits was the Midway Express Beach 1900. The noise didn't get to me, and the seats are comfy (leather first class size), but I'm a bit on the claustropobic side, and flying that small a plane in the dark was a little too closed in for me. I've done American Eagle prop from La Crosse to Chicago (55 minutes) and have never had any problems.

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