Ambers Birthday Trip Day 1

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    Jul 6, 2001

    Me: Mom (40)
    DD: Amber (turning 17 on the trip)

    Thursday September 12
    Up and at em about 5 am, didn't take me long to get ready, I think Amber was up much earlier, and we were both ready to leave by 5:30. It took us about 2 hours to drive to the Phoenix airport. It was a really good trip, we talked the whole way. This trip was a birthday present for Amber. DH and I took our other DD (7) on a land/sea trip about a year ago. Amber had to stay home for school, and then earlier this summer we had a month away while Amber stayed home and worked. So this was going to make up for her being left out all the time. Amber has been to Disneyland many times but never to WDW...

    The flight to Orlando was smooth, and took just over 4 hours... we arrived about 4pm.... when we got to the baggage claim our bags had just come out... perfect timing... then off to Dollar to pick up the car.... out in the garage I stoped at a nice little Chrysler Convertable, and told Amber to hop in.... She couldn't believe it was our car, but I had wanted to make the whole trip special, and what better way to add to the magic then cruising around Disney World with the top down!!!

    Anyway in the car and on our way.... found the exit to Magic Kingdom, and ended up in the Animal Kingdom Parking Lot.. .don't ask me how that happened ,but we got turned around and in no time were driving through the gates of the Wilderness Lodge. We only had 2 bags but we let the Bell guy get them and let valet park the car and we headed to check in. We had to wait a few minutes, and then Amanda, (I think) checked us in with a smile. We took a minute to admire the lobby and headed to the room with the bell guy right behind us. Once in the room we listened to all the stuff the bell guy told us and it was alot, not really sure what it was about but I think it had to do with transportation, which we weren't too worried about since we had a cool convertable to ride around in. Then we headed to the Whispering Canyon Cafe for Dinner.

    We didn't have to wait at all, the cafe was almost empty, but it soon filled up. Kirby was our waiter, and he came and had a seat at our table.... Amber thought he was really cute... and noticed that he refused to look at her, and only talked to me... funny. Amber had the meatloaf, and sprite. I had the all you care to eat, and a chocolate shake, There was plenty of food, and I really liked the chicken and pulled pork, we both thought the food was good, but way too much..... and Amber couldn't get over the fact that the waiters and waitresses were making as much noise as they could with the serving trays.... She also made the mistake of asking for Ketchup.... what a hoot.... We both really enjoyed our dinner there. I would certainly eat there again.

    We then went to get the car and headed over to Epcot, We were able to park pretty close, as it was so late in the day, about 7pm. We went straight to Space Ship Earth, Which we both enjoyed. We then headed over to World Showcase, To the left and into Mexico. Since we live only 40 miles from Mexico, and have been there many times Amber wasn't too interested in looking at the Mexican Souviners... so we went straight to El Rio del Tiempo, and walked right on.:)

    Then on to Norway... The ride here was closed, but we went into the gift shop, I tried to talk Amber in to buying a troll, but she thought the were scarry looking, and said she didn't want one of those things in her bedroom looking at her, so we left Norway without buying anything. Then on to China where Amber bought a t-shirt with her name written in Chineese, she thought that was pretty cool. It was now time for the Parade, so we found a spot, which was not too hard, we sat on a bench and waited a couple of minutes for the parade to start, we both really liked the music, but after it was over Amber commented that it was a bit repetitive, which it was. We then went on to take a look at the outpost and Germany, I sat on a bench out side Gemany while she went in to look around, I talked to a lady from England who was there with her mother, They had WON their trip to Disney World, and were having a great time.

    We then found a good spot near Germany to watch Illuminations, and we both really enjoyed the show... it was great.

    Back to the parking lot, we put the top down and headed to DTD... and straight into Disney Quest. I had never been here before, so we were both excited... it is always so much fun to do something for the first time.. We ended up at the Virtual Roller Coaster first and built our coaster, it regestered a 2 in the fear factor, pretty lame I suppose, but we had a blast, and I was laughing so hard the whole time I nearly peed my pants :p
    then we did the jungle cruise, which was also a blast, we didn't realize we would be sprayed with water, and Amber was shocked,:eek: and again we had a great laugh.

    It was now time for DQ to close, which was good cause we were beat, we put the top down again and headed home to the WL....

    I was happy to see that the flowers I had order for Amber had arrived and were sitting on the table, they looked beautiful, and I thought I had gotten my monies worth. She was also surpised. I ran down to the Roaring Forks and got us 2 refillable mugs, it was quite a trip from our room on the south side, but I made it. Back to the room and quickly to bed. Tomorrow MGM, Blizzard Beach, and Magic Kingdom... Here we come....

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    Mar 25, 2000
    Your trip is off to a great start - thanks for posting!
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    we ate at germany and always watch the parade and illuminations from that point.....thanks for posting
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    :D What a great start to your dd's birthday trip!! I also ran into someone who won their trip to wdw while I was there. I wish I had that kind of luck ;) . Can't wait to read about the rest of your trip!

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