Am I crazy to Tent Camp in August?


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Aug 19, 1999
This will be our third trip to WDW in 20 months and I am trying to economize so we can stay longer by camping. We are not new campers but I am beginning to wonder if I am crazy to attempt tent camping in the August heat. I will be bringing a friend and her son along for the trip so there will bee a total of five and the AS hotels are out of the picture. I really want to camp but I am concerned about the heat. What suggestions or comments do all of you vetran WDW campers have?
I did tent camping at FW in July. I never experienced such heat. I remember waking up one morning at 7:00AM and it was over 90 degrees in the tent. The humidity was so bad that I felt I was sweating while taking the shower and my hair never did dry. I also remember that it rained like blazes every afternoon sometime after 4:00PM for about 15 minutes or so, then cleared up making the parks feel like a sauna. Back in the tent none of the towles used in the morning ever did dry.


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Definitely camp. We tent camped in august last year. We are long time campers, but this was our first time tenting at FW. It was great. We brought a window fan to put in out tent, and turned it on when we returned to the site in late afternoon. It was hot during the day, but you will be at the parks or at the pool, etc, and it did cool off during the night, we even needed a light blanket. We brought along a screenhouse and a large tarp to cover our site. WE put the tent under it, and the entry to the screenhouse. That kept us pretty dry, even in the downpour we had one afteroon. I think the rain was more of a concern than the heat. Have a great time. We are planning to return the first two weeks in August.Probably requesting 1400 loop. E-mail me if you have any questions.
I tent camped in July to avoid sleeping in an airconditioned trailer!! I still feel I got the better end of that deal and it was one of the few trips I didn't get catch a cold. So often going in and out of the freezing aircondtioning makes me sick.

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Thanks for the replies! I realize how hot it will get but we really won't be at the campground other than to sleep and swim! I like the tarp idea and that will work great for us. As the time gets closer to vacation I will have many more questions!
We did it twice! Another time I would take an extension cord and a fan but would do it again. We also used a screen house and a tarp to provide additional shade and to keep afternoon rain off our cooking gear we left on the picnic table.

Thanks for the replies! I realize how hot it will get but we really won't be at the campground other than to sleep and swim!

Therein would lie the problem for us - trying to sleep in the heat! :faint: But, it can, has, and is being done!! To each their own - but we couldn't do it! Enjoy! :goodvibes
Hah....I didn't even look at the post date until you said something, Ed...I tend to skip that and only realize later that a thread is old (especially if it's a title I haven't seen before).

Wonder how that trip went........


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