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Earning My Ears
May 23, 2000
I usually stay at a hotel that provides FREE breakfast (Embassy Suites). However, this trip we are staying at a hotel that does not provide breakfast. I am intersted in a BUFFET style breakfast for TWO adults. From the search I did on this board, I came up with two choices I liked:
1900 Park Fare

Both sound lovely, however, I am not committed to spending $25-$40 a day on breakfast. I will be going for 9 days. Does anyone know any buffets in the Lake Buena Vista area for less money. I did see an ad for the Ponderosa, I believe $5.99 a person. Has anyone eaten here? I would like to spend NO MORE than $20 with tax and tip for TWO adults. The buffet MUST have at least eggs, bacon, and waffles. If you a buffet suggestion, can you please tell me the cost per person, if possible?

I will be going to Spoodles and 1900 Park Fare on this trip but I want more economical choices for the rest of the days. We are staying at Wyndham Palace at Downtown Disney. If anyone has suggestions for places to eat breakfast in the Downtown Disney area as well, it wil be appreciated
the following downtown Disney hotels (sorry, but I don't know exact prices but believe they are well within your price limit):

Courtyard Marriott

Since you are staying at the Wyndham Palace, you will receive a coupon book with various dining coupons for the hotels located on Hotel Plaza.

I hope this is helpful.
YC has a breakfast "mini buffet". There is a chain of buffet restaurants called Golden Corral (do a search for their website)
should give you a 10% coupon.
Unless you got your reservations why don't you change to Embassy Suites? The breakfasts there are superior.
Trail's Ennd at Fort Wilderness has a "egg"ceptional breakfast buffet. it has tons of different foods, and the cost is quite low compared with other places on property.



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