All you Universal/Disney employees can you help me?

Discussion in 'Universal Studios/Islands of Adventure Forums' started by Spaceman Spiff, Jan 9, 2001.

  1. Spaceman Spiff

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    Apr 6, 2000
    Well I have decided that I want to try for a job at Universal. Can anybody tell me how to apply for these jobs besides just filling out the application. I have been thinking that I would like to be a tour guide, work in Jurassic Park as a ride attendant, work as a Capt. of a boat for JAWS, work in the Alfred Hitchcock show, work in a stage show, and anything that has a speaking part or something that I get to interact with the audience a lot. Can you guys help me, I have roughly 5-6 months before the move. If you need any other information just ask! THANKS!!

    I can't wait to meet everyone when you visit for vacations!


  2. JessicaR

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    Sep 26, 2000
    Very cool! I cant offer any advice. I just wanted to wish you all the luck in the world in attaining your dreams. :D

  3. Dznefreek

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    Nov 13, 2000
    It's great that you are so enthusiastic! Unfortunately the park hires by their needs and not individual requests. They will ask you what you want but there is no guarantee.

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    Nov 12, 1999
    Sounds like the type of position you are looking for is a spieling position in the Ride & Show Operations department. Spieling positions can be found at the following attractions: Jaws, Earthquake, Hitchcock, Kong, Skipper Tours, Discovery Center, and Triceratops Encounter. (I think I hit them all).

    These positions require the memorization of scripts and do receive a spiel-premium on their hourly wage. These positions are part of the Ride & Show department (base pay is $6.15 per hour - you will receive the spiel-premium once you are "signed off" as a spieler and all training is complete).

    When applying at Human Resources, please specify that you would like a spiel position. The attraction you will be directed to is based upon which attraction has open labor requisitions at that time. These positions do require a short audition (don't worry!) so their is some additional time needed in hiring.

    Avoid your plans as a tour guide. Due to the FOTL access at PBH and HRH, the tours department has been hit hard. The numbers of tours each day (if there even are any tours) is minimal at best. There is a hiring freeze in that department and I'm worried about the future of their current staff.

    Hope this helps and good luck
  5. I work at Universal Studios Hollywood so I can't really help you in regards to what Universal Escape needs or wants. All I can tell you in the three years I have worked at USH it has been great fun and choosing to be a ride op I think is the best job in the park. When you do become a ride op get ready for lots of training. I am trained for BTTF, JP, ET, Terminator2 and show control and I had to go thru alot of training about a month and a half including lead training and training on how to train others. I'm sure you'll have fun. It'll get frustrating sometimes but I think it's all worth it. Goodluck



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