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Discussion in 'Disney Resorts' started by curseofcurves, Sep 17, 2012.

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    Aug 12, 2009
    It looks like we're going to stay on property for the first time this winter for 4 nights. I've chosen Music since we are already stretching our budget in order to stay on property. We are 2 adults, we will be driving, and we will be staying standard (not preferred).

    Is there any particular area at Music we should request to stay in? Maybe due to nicer rooms/views, etc.

    It's only about $20 more to stay at Pop instead. Is there any real reason to spend the extra to stay there?

    How much is a refillable mug currently? Since the food courts close at midnight, can you get a refill after that time if you get in late?

  2. POOHsie

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    May 4, 2010
    I haven't stayed at All Star Music. This November I'm staying at Pop-then All Star Movies. I got a great tip to stay in the All Star Movies' Mighty Ducks buildings because they are close to the All Star Music Food Court and Bus Stop (which is the resort next-door). This saves paying preferred rates to be close to the All Star Movies facilities. See for yourself on this map. Find the Mighty Ducks buildings (top of map). Now look at the bottom of the map and see all 3 resorts together. See what I mean about Mighty Ducks' location?

    I begin my trip with a few days at Pop Century because I want to see the new AoA resort. You can cross the bridge to visit from Pop and eat at the AoA Food Court. I have read of some unique new food dishes, and the grounds look like they'd be wonderful to see up close. If you decide to stay at All Star Music, you can drive to AoA and tell the guard you're visiting the grounds. You'll have a parking permit for your dashboard.

    According to, the refillable mug is $14.49+tax. You can't get a refill after the food court is closed at Midnight. I believe the area is locked up because of food, merchandise and fridge cases unsecured. There's soda machines and ice in the hotel buildings. Since you're driving, bring some sodas with you. The rooms all have small fridges now. Maybe you should even skip the mugs.

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