All My Children--What happened today?


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Jul 19, 2002
I admit it. I'm hooked on this show. I've been waiting for months for Babe to tell Bianca about Miranda. MONTHS! It has been a very long, drawn out storyline.

Today, five minutes into the show--we lose power! It was out until the show was over, then came back on!

So, what happened today? Please tell me that today wasn't the day Bianca learned the truth!
I didn't get a chance to listen because I was at work but there were scenes of Babe, Jamie and Ace/James at WDW! They went on a couple of rides and met characters. I wish I could have been there :) JR, Bianca and Kendall were still in the plane heading down to Florida. So I don't think today was the big reveal but I'm hoping it will come soon ... it's been going on waaay too long IMO.


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