Albant to Orlando $66 one way SOUTHWEST AIR!!!


Jan 15, 2001
The following restrictions will apply:
*Available only at
*21-day advance purchase
*Fares are nonrefundable
*Travel April 24, 2001 through August 4,
except for May 25 and 28, 2001
*Purchase beginning April 3 through
April 5, 2001, midnight Pacific Time
I live in Albany and need airline tickets, do you have to book it online or can you go to the airport to get this deal?
Thanks! :D
It's much easier to book on line..but I think you only have til tomorrow. I'm from Albany area also, and buying at the airport from Southwest is a nightmare compared to online. You can also call it in..the number is on their site. We've booked them several times. At the Albany airport, they line up one hour before for seats, so be sure you are checked in and upstairs by that time.
This is an Internet-only special. As stated in the original post, it is available only at
They do state it is on line only..but we have booked over the phone as well, and another person next to us in February in the line up for tickets said she had purchased hers at the Albany Airport.
Most all of the on-line sales can be gotten by phone as well.
We did find out that the great deal on a car we got in Feb on line, that we passed up, was not so good on the phone..they said that the on-line car rates were special.
WOW - A little patience, a little worry about timing . . . I can't believe it actually all came together.

This will be least amount we've ever spent on air travel to MCO.

Very Happy :)

Now I have to decide on and get the car and resort. Thnaks for everyone's help on the Budget Board!!!
DMRick, I can assure you that Southwest's Click 'N Save Internet fares are not available through any other means than at
C'mon Southwest! Move those great fares a little east to NH!! :D

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DMRick, I can assure you that Southwest's Click 'N Save Internet fares are not available through any other means than at
Has this changed recently? I have booked through the phone..I had to argue my point, but I did do it.

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