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Mar 26, 2001

I've just booked our family at PO-Riverside in November and now need to look at airline tickets. Is it too early to get specials? How far in advance should I look to book them? Any airline that you wouldn't fly?

Also, I'm planning to purchase our Hopper passes when we check-in. We have passes from our visit a few years ago and I'd like to have them checked for how many days are left. The woman on the phone told me I can buy passes right at Riverside--is this true? Thanks!
Where are you flying from and is this for Thanksgiving time? It makes a difference as to whether it's too early or not.
I cannot answer with much authority about air fare. :( We have always travelled with FF miles.
About the hopper passes, you absolutely CAN purchase passes at PO Riverside or ANY Disney Resort. And you can find out how many days are left on your old passes.
A Budget tip for you though. I would NOT use your old passes for credit on new passes. If you use your old passes as they are, you have admission at WDW today at the price that you paid before. I would just use up the "old" days and buy a new hopper that fits your needs for the days that you have left.
Hope that this helps some. And again - Welcome to the DIS! :)

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We are flying from Boston in early November. Nov. 9th to be exact. We are hoping to beat the Thanksgivng crowd, although we will be there for vetrans day weekend.

Thanks for the tip about the passes. I planned on just using the day, didn't realize that I could get a "credit" Is there anyway I can find out how many days are left before we leave? I think I read somewhere you have to bring them to Disney to find this out. Thanks!!

I think it's too early to buy your airline tickets. Delta Express's non-stops for November are $240 roundtrip. I suspect fares will come down a little. Maybe someone who flies from Boston can comment.
more than likely fares for your time frame will be out by sep possibly aug at the earliest. you have so much ahead of that time. easter, memorial day, 4th of july labor day and a few other sales. do you have any fare trackers avaialble? you might want to sign up on a few web sights for notice of sales in your area.(expedia and have one and I think travelocity and the individual airline websights too. my home page for earthlink also have one that notifies me of when the sales for the cities I am looking for are on sale. I belive yahoo does as well. you might want to check into it. and we post a lot of the sales on the transportaion board as well. you might want to check there.

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I just booked on Delta for Aug. at $240. I was told by my TA to just keep my eye on the fares and see if they come down. This was the cheapest rate she could find for me. If I see something real cheap I'll post it. ;)

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I booked my flight from Logan to Orlando on Nov. 20th for 230 Round Trip on Delta. It will probably come down but I wanted to be sure that I had flights.
If you find a good fare now you can always puchase your tickets and continue to watch the prices. If the prices go down you can call the airlines and request that price, the only thing is that they don't always give a cash refund sometimes they give you vouchers. You can always ask what their policy is on this! Good Luck:)
It all depends on the airline and when you're flying. I'm booked for early November with $210 roundtrip from Chicago through American Airlines. I think this was a good deal. The cheapest ticket I've ever gotten to Orlando is 200 through ATA.


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