Earning My Ears
Apr 30, 2001
I just booked airfare from Columbus, OH to MCO for June 12 - 26 for $78 ROUNDTRIP!!! I found teh price on expedia and booked through them. The total for our family of four was $312!!!!! Go get it while it lasts!!! It's on USAir by the way! :eek:
That is a super great fare, just what I have been waiting for. I just checked this morning - - and that price was not there. I am getting on Expedia now!!
the price of $78 is listed on also so my friend called directly to us airways and booked thru them for 2 for $78. It is listed as snooze you lose fare which means it will only last a couple of hours. so hurry. it is a great deal. Call us airways and book wow what a great deal. :D
Already booked for May - think they can do anything for me at this point?


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They lady had no idea what I was talking about. Looked on-line too, saw nothing. What are the special restrictions or limitations for this fare?


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I saw it on Travelocity last night. You might want to check there. I sure wish I could use it!!
chicklet - if that fare is available for your exact flights, USAir will issue you a voucher for the difference. This is a credit toward future flights on USAir, good for (I think) 1 year.
These fares are still listed on the "Snooze-you-lose" page. How I wish those fares would move up to the Northeast!!!

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Hey, thanks for the info. My DH and DS's are booked on USAir PIT-MCO with FF miles. We were waiting for other miles to be credited before we bought mine and the girls, but since this price came up we booked CMH-MCO at $78 RT. Funny thing is that the cost of the PIT-MCO is $196.50/person, we will fly CMH-PIT and be on the same flight as DH and sons to MCO. Same as return, we will be on same flight, but our tickets will continue to CMH. This allows us to save our FF for a future trip. It's a great day!

Oh, booked through travelocity at 11PM for 6/6-13.
I checked out expedia last night and couldnt get the discounted flights on the days I wanted. Then I checked out US Air and they had them on their webpage - $125 round trip from Birmingham to Orlando! After holding my flights, I called their toll free number and one of their agents "tweeked" the reservation a little to get us into Orlando at a reasonable time. We are so happy.. the kids are thrilled to be flying!! It will be my 6yr daughters first time on a plane and the first time at DW for us all!

:) Thanks again!

Has anyone seen this fare from New York? I wasn't planning on going until next year, but if I could get this price, I would book now and go.
I'm from PA and wish I could get a fare this good!! Haven't seen anything close to it this year. Last year I was lucky to find RT from PHL to MCO for 150.00 on USAir. I keep looking, though :rolleyes:

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Last July we booked Northwest at $113 Pit-mco. In March our friends booked Pit-tampa at $110. There are some good rates out there, but they don't last long. I check every morning and every evening. Keep trying!
Hi, I've been reading all of the great prices that you all got on air fare to Orlando and even on USAirways, but I can not seem to get anywhere with wanting to get the best low air fare from Charleston WV to Orlando. I check US Airways about 20 times daily and the cheapest I can find is 235.00 without taxes.We need to fly US Airways because I have one ticket that needs to be reissued ( I know I'll have to pay pent.) but even when I call them they have the same price as on the site. So how did you get this great price? I have never gotten plane tickets over the internet I always check for lowest specials and call and put on hold until I get to the airport (2 hours away) and then have them printed and paid for. I got tickets for 150.00 round trip last year at this same time of travel (June29th or 30th to July 4th or 5th) but they didn't come on special until May1st. I'd love to have any help from anyone about specials or discounts. E-mail me at and also did you get to pick the flight times and number of layovers?Thanks
I always check Charleston rates when checking Pit and they've always been higher. We just took a flight out of Baltimore in April because it was cheaper than Pittsburgh and it was non-stop so we felt it was worth the drive. We keep checking travelocity everyday for cheap airfare and it ususally pays off. This board has given us heads up on a couple of cheap rates like the $78 deal and we've jumped on them. Good Luck!
Could someone please explain how easy/hard it is to get the voucher back for airfare that has dropped. I am going through one thing after another with America West to try to get a lousy $10 a ticket back, such as I would have to change my ticket and pay a $100 a ticket, the ticket is non-refundable so I can't do it, etc.
It seems to me if I pay $300, and now it's $275, I should instantly be sent the difference back (voucher I assume) when requesting it. Is it this easy with some airlines, and I am just getting the run-around, or do all places have all sort of rules like this to match there own prices?
Email is, in case you want to email. Thanks in advance
Feel good about your savings-from ATL to MCO the price is $ 191 on AirTran or $ 193 on Delta and this barely 400 miles away.Monopolies!!


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