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Apr 26, 2000
Hi everyone, I was just wondering what the best possible airfare is from winnipeg to orlando? On our first trip to wdw we used airmiles- this won't be a option on the next trip! Thanks in advance!
Grover in Winnipeg :D
Hi Grover:
Great weather. Shovelling in April (close enough). Must be an April Fools gag !!!!

DW & 2DDs (7 & 3) are flying Winnipeg-Chicago-Orlando April 27 - May 8. The cost was $625 CDN per ticket including taxes & fees on AC/UA. The best deal around was the last minute ticket out on a Canada 3000 charter. If you were able to book in the last week before the flight the tickets were as low as $168 per person in February. Unfortunately, they stop flying direct to Orlando in the last week of March, and they only fly once a week (meaning 7 or 14 dys only). I saw an ad in the Free Press today quoting $268 out of Toronto on Canada 3000. If you have enough aeroplan miles or airmiles to get to Toronto, that's probably your cheapest route.

We tried aeroplan to Orlando, but even 4 months in advance, I couldn't get the dates I wanted.Actually just booked aeroplan to Hawaii this week (for next February)and the flight availability is pretty bad already. Isn't a monopoly great!! :mad:


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