age for unaccompanied minors at city walk?


May 20, 2000
is it ok to let my 19 yr old go w/her 24yrs old sister, or does she have to be accompanied by parent? thanks
Your 19 year old can go to City Walk, but will not be allowed into any of the clubs. You must be 21 to enter the exceptions are made. ;)
Also, be aware that once the crowds from the theme parks dissapate (around 10:30pm), the crowd at Citywalk changes. Lots of intoxicated folks having a great time with lots of liquor flowing from all sides! Although crazy, it is a VERY safe atmosphere. It's alot of fun, just making sure you are aware what your daughter will be exposed to.
not too worried about, she's surviving fraternity parties etc, and is good at handling herself in most situations, does city walk have any clubs for under 21's if parents are there? thanks

No clubs for kids under 21, but there is usually a dj or a band out on the main stage outside for sometime during the evening. the above poster...our teens as well as us love city walk...the security from OPD is outstanding, and we have never seen anyone out of control drunk...not even on new years eve, or during the annual beer fest. City Walk is a great and very safe place to visit. :) ;)


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