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Earning My Ears
Jan 24, 2000
Where can we take our 7 yr old son after the park closes at 7:00? We will be there this weekend. Thanks. :pinkbounc
Are you interested in onsite or offsite activities? If offsite, I would try Wonderworks. It's like a big science museum with a lot of interactive exhibits. It's one of the most identifable buildings on I-Drive: it's upside-down.

Check them out at
Check out CityWalk. They have live street performers on the streets sometimes. Also, on the stage in the Plaza or up the flight of steps behind that stage, on the street, in front of Pat O'Brien's they will often have some hosts doing particpatory games and such to rev the crowds up. Your child might find some of this fun to watch (although it seems to be aimed at older teens and younger 20-somethings).

Some CityWalk shops might be entertaining. Captain Crackers has wacky wind up toys and the like and a place to try them out. (Hang on to your wallet!) Acroos the way is a shop called Glow that has some neat blacklight stuff that your child might find interesting.

Otherwise, you might want to hop in the car and head for FUN SPOT. It's off International Drive, just on the other side of I-4 from Universal. If you head south on Kirkman Road, look for the large ferris wheel on your left. Then turn left on I-Drive and left again at the next street.
When our DD was that age we went to some Miniature golf place that wasn't too far from International as I recall. It had a mountain and you could see it off of the interstate. She loved it - and we did too!
Since your son is 7, take him to Downtown Disney. It's about a 20 min. drive from Universal and is much more kid-oriented than CityWalk.

You can just walk around, shop, eat, see a movie, or if you really want to splurge goto DisneyQuest which is usually open till 12-1am.
Thanks for the ideas. I checked out Wonderworks website. It looks pretty cool. We may just hang around the pool. Leaving tonight!!!


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