After going to Disneyland questions about Magic Mountain


Earning My Ears
Apr 7, 2001
After going to Disneyland during the last week in August we are thinking about going to 6 flags MM with husband and 15 and 12 yr old coaster enthusiasts. My question is do you think we should bring the 5 yr old with us. I know they have a kids area but will it be incredibly crowded the way fantasyland gets with slow loading rides. Our plans would be to go early to ride the popular coasters first so would be getting to the kids area later. Plus does 6 flags have baby swap like at Disney. Thanks for the help. Jeanne
MM has mostly adult thrill rides and there's lots of walking and hills involved. There will definitely be lines in august, but the park is well worth it. We always have an early breakfast at the marie calendars near the park. The free champagne helps fortify my nerves for the larger rides and the food is great.
Good luck riding superman and goliath !
I'd like to add that the last time I went to Magic Mountain in August it was 113 degrees and people were passing out left and right. My daughter was about 5 then and had a miserable time. It gets VERY HOT in the summer months Proceed with caution.


Also, the kiddie ride section is NOTHING like Fantasyland. They are more like the carnival rides you get at a fair.




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