Advice/Suggestions for June trip?


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Feb 26, 2001
We are planning a trip for 10 in June. Any advice on hotels, tips or anything would be greatly appreciated.
HI! A few questions first: How long are you staying? Are you staying on property? Are there any children going?

If you are staying on property and staying 5-7 days, I would highly recommend mid day breaks. Head to the parks at open and break around 12 or 1. Then go to the hotel for a nap, swim, and some lunch. Head back to the parks in the afternoon. You will feel refreshed.

I would also suggest not going to the parks on their early open days. They get very crowded compared to the other parks. If you have small children, lines can be long and frustrating for them.

Make priority seating reservations. This will allow you to eat pretty much on schedule.

Have at least one character meal while you are there. Some popular choices are: Chef Mickey's (Contemporary), Cinderella's Royal Table (Cinderella's Castle, Magic Kindgom), and Crystal palace (Magic Kingdom).

While at Magic Kingdom, head to Tom Sawyer Island in the afternoon. It's shady and quiet. You can sit in large over sized rockers and watch BTMRR.

Well, I hope these help. Please feel free to
e-mail me with questions.
We vacationed in early June last year at the MK. It was great. Alot less crowded than our usual July trip. The weather was also alot cooler. We stayed in the Courtyard in Downtown Disney. It was very convenient, with great bus service. I would make PS for the restaurants that your group wants to eat at, planning around the shows and fireworks.
Bring a mister fan and lots of batteries! My DH thought I was silly for bringing one of these on our trip in July 99 but he was glad I had it when we got there!

Also, stop at the store and buy your own bottled water. We tried filling up our water bottles from the room but found out the water tasted TERRIBLE. Luckily we brought soda too. We would just bring a couple cans in the park in our backpack.

Oh, I just noticed you said a group of 10...I would buy or rent 2 way radios so if you break up in to smaller groups you can all keep in touch.

Also, with 10 of you, you might want to wear shirts of all the same color so you can easily identify one another in big crowd. Or come up with some other way to make your group stand out. Especially if you will have kids with you. Maybe ribbons or bandanas...?

That's all I can think of right now. Good luck and have fun!


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One of my friends went last June with her kids, parents and sister's family. They all had one word to say: FASTPASS!!!

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We're going in June too and there is going to be 11 of us. We're staying at the Treehouse Villas at the Disney Institute we have two of them. They work out pretty good, they have laundry facilities and there's a kitchen, so we can get quick breakfasts before we head out to the parks.

Instead of taking mid-day breaks we don't go into a major themed park everyday, we go every other day, so if we are out late one night the kids can sleep in a little the next day. We then go swimming or shopping or any of the other million things Disney has to offer. We someetimes go to a water park. We never spend all day at those. And those are the days we have dinner priority seating arrangements outside the parks.


we are going in June also and there is going to be 25 of us....i think we should wear different colored shirts so we CAN'T easily identify each other...after all, it is with the in laws...Ha Ha Ha!!! :)

Don't forget your Lime Green Ribbons!!
I'll be looking for you. :)

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Tips for June:

1.Early Entry
3.Mist fan

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June 98:ASMusic
June 99:ASMovies
June 00:ASMovies
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we went in June 2013 and we forgot Sunblock. We paid for it at the counter and in pain.
I am taking notes too... We are going in June of 2016.

From what I read in other threads, you may want to schedule your FastPass for the Afternoons (if you stay in the parks) because that's typically when it's the hottest. That way you are not in the long lines during the heat of the day.

The "Fan Bottles" are nice but they are also a pain to be carrying around. I let my kid carry it and used hers on the occasions that I needed a brief cool down.

Sun block is really a MUST have. Don't spare the SPF either.


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