Advice please--How can DH email me from Iraq?


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Aug 5, 2003
I've been considering a laptop or Blackberry for DH's Christmas gift so he'll be able to email me during his deployment. Unfortunately I'm not too technically savvy and really have no clue as to what is the best thing to buy. I don't want to spend too much money (under $500) since it will probably eventually be lost, stolen or broken over there, so I was considering buying a used laptop on Ebay.

Can anyone give me advice on what's the best thing to buy. Basically he'd be using it only for email and possibly internet. Please help!

Thanks so much...

Well most new cell phones are intenet capable.

Also Ipaq and Palmone might be cheaper.

Most likely your DH will be going into a location (camp/base) that is already established. They all should have some type of MWR phone bank and 'cyber cafe'. They will have computer stations with internet access, you do not need to supply your own.

My DH took his laptop - most of the guys are networked together to play games against each other - no outside connection in their quarters, unless you get someone to hook you up and pay the monthly fee.

Check out this thread - - it will give you an idea of how things are set up and options that are available.

Good luck...
make sure you check
They sometimes have specials - also they are offering free shipping until Dec 31st and they will probably be able to ship directly to him.


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