Advice needed, broken arm, just before trip



A dear friend's son broke his arm yesterday and they are suppose to leave for the shore for a family reunion on Friday!!!

Is there ANY way he can go in the water? He hasn't gotten a cast yet (gettinng it on Friday) so what kind of cast should they request?

Is there any way to cover it to go in the water?

This poor boy broke his leg two years ago 5 min before leaving on this same trip!!!!
A kid in my son's class broke her elbow this summer, falling off their pool ladder.

The mother told me she was able to purchase something at a medical supply store to seal the cast in so that she can continue to swim.
Ouch, I don't know if they make water proof casts or not.
hey for anyone wondering I got some great advice from Bobrow here on DIS.

They do make a cast and lining that can get wet and she found a cool covering that allows you to swim!!!

Keep this in the back of your mind for the next cast your family may need :)

Many many thanks Bobrow!!!!
I've posted this before but if you missed it...... my DD, who had to do Disney with a cast found that swimming was less of an issue (using the advice mentioned above) than sweating! She would take the hair dryer SET ON COOL and blow cool air under the cast and up her arm. It really provided a lot of relief for her and seemed to cut down on the itching.
That's a great piece of information!! I'll pass it along swanmom! THanks!


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