Adventures by Disney Vacation packages??

Discussion in 'Adventures By Disney' started by addidisney, Oct 17, 2006.

  1. addidisney

    addidisney Earning My Ears

    Feb 17, 2003

    I was just wondering if anyone has experienced "Adventures by Disney" vacations??? How is it, is it worth the money??? Also, what is exactly included in the packages??? Any input would greatly be apprecitaed!!!

    I am planning to book a vacation for Dec. 2007 for London/Paris trip!!!

  2. momx2

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    Jun 16, 2001
    I would love to know also. So, I'll give this a bump. :Pinkbounc :Pinkbounc
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  4. mommyintn

    mommyintn DIS Veteran

    Dec 29, 2005
    I've not been one yet but I do have the planning DVD and the brochure and it looks awesome. While the parents do one thing they'll have something equally fun and exciting to do for the kids, example in Italy when parents do wine tastings the kids are doing gelato tasting. :) Here's the itinerary on their website for the London/Paris trip might give you more detail
  5. Beth76

    Beth76 DIS Veteran

    Mar 30, 2004
    I just saw a link for these here yesterday. They look really neat! :thumbsup2 Hopefully someone who's been will see this.
  6. Magix

    Magix <font color=navy>Blackhearted Pirate<br><font colo

    Jun 24, 2003
    I went on the London/Paris trip this May. It was absolutely fantastic!! Lots of little Disney-style surprises throughout the trip. The hotel accomodations were wonderful (although I understand the Paris hotel will be changing for the 2007 trips, though I assume it will be an even better place). Looking at the 07 itinerary, there are some changes to the trip, but I think it will still be extremely worthwhile. I was a little surprised to read that the Eiffel Tower visit will now be for lunch, instead of dinner and that no visit to Montmarte will be included. Montmarte was one of my favorite parts of the trip. Oh well, I recommend making the visit during your free time.

    You will really get a great feel for both cities and will see and experience all of the major landmarks. You will have local guides who are extremely knowledgable about their city and its history. Meals are lovely and you'll experience some very top-of-the-line restaurants. There were only 3 kids on my trip, but they all seemed to have a terrific time and all activities were great for both adults and kids. You can really share the time together and enjoy the cities in ways that will allow everyone to get the best out of the experience.

    I really enjoyed the special activities that I would not otherwise have gone through the time or expense to do on my own. As an example, after visiting the inside of Notre Dame, we were given the opportunity to go up to the top of the bell towers to see the views of the city (and the gargoyles!).

    Just a great, great trip!! Well worth the price! I'm heading off on one of the new 2007 trips to "La Costa Bella" (Italy - Rome & the Amalfi Coast) next May with some friends I made on the last trip! That's the thing... everyone comes out of the trip feeling like family. I actually cried the final evening, as we all said farewell. The Adventure Guides were so wonderful and made every little thing so special. I still can't believe I went on the trip (it was my first time overseas). What an amazing experience. I wouldn't want to travel with anyone but Disney!

    Highly recommended!!!
  7. bekkiz

    bekkiz DIS Veteran

    Mar 15, 2001
    I really want to go on the Costa Rica trip! Unfortunatly, we're going to have to wait a while to raise the funds (got a Disney trip this Dec and then no more says hubs :) ), but the Costa Rica trip is one of the more affordable. I don't know what airfare would be like.
  8. Magix

    Magix <font color=navy>Blackhearted Pirate<br><font colo

    Jun 24, 2003
    The girls I'll be going to Italy with have also done the Costa Rica trip. They said it was the best ever. Their exact quote was "You HAVE to go!!!" I probably won't ever make it to that one, but it surely sounded great from their description and photos. They loved it!!
  9. DisneyKevin

    DisneyKevin Kelvis Moderator

    Jun 20, 2005
    Hi there,

    Just recently returned form the Viiva Italia trip with ABD. It was AWESOME!!!!

    Cant say enough great things about it. It was worth every penny.

    If you'd like information regarding itinerary details, frequently asked question for all 2007 trips or to price a trip of your own, you can follow this link:

    It will take you to the Dreams Unlimited Travel website dedicated to ABD.

    If you'd like help planning your trip, you reach me at

    If you'd like to see photos of our recet trip to Italy, you can follow this link:

    The photos are divided by city.

    This is the trip of a lifetime. We had so much fun and meeting new people was one of the highlights.

    I'd love to help you plan your ABD trip.

  10. April in Disney

    April in Disney Thinks Johnny Trojan is cuter than Johnny Depp; He

    Oct 20, 2001
    We are booked for London/Paris next June with the trip extended for Disney Paris. Magix thank you for the great review.
  11. PrincessMommy2

    PrincessMommy2 Mouseketeer

    Dec 6, 2003
    I would love to go on one of these trips! But, I think it will have to wait several years because my kids are too young (5,3,1). For those of you who have done this, what is the youngest child you have seen and/or what is the youngest age you would recommend?
  12. goodfaerie

    goodfaerie DIS Veteran

    Jul 26, 2000
    I saw something about Adventures by Disney when I entered the YOAMD sweeps, and I am very interested in the Ireland trip--anyone been? Do tell...


  13. ppiew

    ppiew DIS Veteran

    Sep 4, 2002
    We did the London/Paris trip in August. Don't know if you saw this report, but I will copy it for you. Just ignore if you have already seen it. Would I do it again? YOU BET! The price may be high, but the accommodations are second to none and the tour guides were the very best professionally. We also added on two days at Paris Disney and were treated to a ride directly to our hotel from Paris! Now how cool is that?? Add it to the first class chunnel, stage manager meeting after Mary Poppins, orchestra seating at Mary Poppins, lunch at Versailles etc etc etc. Yup - am looking at two different ABD trips for next year.. As long as they maintain the integrity of the trips, keep the top flight accommodations, I will certainly look at them first.

    We took the ABD London & Paris last month -grandma (me), daughter age 41, granddaughter age 9 . Here is the 'lowdown.' First of all, a backpack was sent to us prior to departure. We took it with us and used it a LOT. Don't sweat the wardrobe. Everyone dressed in jeans or khakis every day and backpacked a windbreaker type jacket. Two evenings were sort of dressy, but suits for men were not ever required. I did see a few sport coats but that is all. Comfortable shoes are a 'must' as there is a LOT of walking.

    Hotel VERY nice (especially by European standards - LARGE room). I would say comparable to a Marriott, Hilton or Hyatt in the US. Room had a 'Welcome" tote from ABD with a water bottle, deck of cards, bandanas, wrist bands (don't know what for as no one ever wore them), journal and pen for kids, umbrellas (used every day! ) There was an ATM and Underground access within a block of the hotel.
    Evening reception had chips, pretzels, champagne, wine, and sodas. Guides gave an overview and passed out the lanyards and first of seven daily pins to all.
    Dinner was multiple hors d'oeuvres size portions of a multitude of British dishes - pork pies, fish 'n chips, trifle, shepherds pie etc. A duo of singers performed and it was a lot of fun.

    DAY 2
    Buffet breakfast at hotel each day. Had a lot of stuff. Fresh fruit, yogurt, American dry cereals, scrambled eggs, sausage and cheese, bagels, muffins, etc. For touring, we used a 50 year old antique red double decker bus! Really neat. Had a British Blue Badge professional guide for all sites within London. Visited Westminster (very crowded). Walked past Buckingham Palace but didn't see changing of guard as it was raining and they didn't do it. Went for late lunch/tea at Savoy hotel. It was so so. Kids not too enthralled although there was plenty they could eat, ie. ham and cheese sandwiches, scones,salad, dessert, etc.
    At Westminster the kids had their own tour guide. Saw the same things we did but projected in a kid friendly manner.
    Night was a really highlight! Saw Mary Poppins (with GREAT seats!!) and were able to walk on the stage and talk to the stage manager afterwards. Everyone loved it!
    Before seeing Mary Poppins there was a bag with a CD in it featuring the stage cast! Nice touch! Mickey shaped cookies were in our room at night. Also they gave the kids an alarm clock the first night and a one-eyed monocle to have on the London Eye. Have to admit though, the first day the journal was used and then put away! Too much other stuff going on!

    DAY 3
    Went to the London Eye. Didn't think I would attempt it because I do not like heights, but it was really great and moved very slowly. Kids got a simple plastic backpack that worked really well. Had a great view of London in every direction. We then took a short cruise on the Thames to Tower of London. Tower/crown jewels was pretty much on our own without a professional guide but it was very easy and waits were minimal. Saw the Crown Jewels, Beefeater Guards, execution locations, etc.

    DAY 4
    Cruise down Regents Canal in kind of a shabby canal boat, but it was interesting and fun. Donuts/croissants/coffee were served on board and then we went to Camden Market and shopped in and out of all of the funky shops. Then to Waterloo Station and the Eurostar. And this is THE BEST FOR ME!!! They took ALL our luggage from the hotel - brought it to Paris - and it appeared in our rooms within an hour of arrival!!!!

    DAY 5
    Paris. Great tour of Notre Dame. The adventurous climbed the bell tower - me I sat in a sidewalk cafe and had cappuccino. Lots of time to wander around the gardens, etc. After ND came my least favorite part of the trip. We went to Montmartre and to Sacre Coeur. Very crowded! Think parade time at the MK on Easter Sunday! We went for lunch and it took 2 hours! Could NOT hurry the waiter AT ALL. Kids ordered French Onion Soup (Appetizer) and some adults orders normal 'adult' entrees. Asked to have the appetizers and entrees delivered to table together and were told 'NO' in no uncertain terms!! It was funny! Food was good though. Wine tasting wasn't much. Only working vineyard in Paris and it is sort of a tourist attraction thing. Artist who drew caricatures of the kids though was really great. Each child got to keep theirs. Lucked out and saw a parade to the church with Priests and parishioners carrying a statue of the Virgin Mary. Sacre Coeur was jammed with people. We took a cog tram to the top as it is VERY steep. We did walk down though. Any deficiencies during the afternoon were made up with our night dinner at the Eiffel Tower - a big WOW on this one! Those who wanted to could climb to the top (not me!) but my daughter and granddaughter did it! It is enormous! Dinner was quite good too.

    DAY 6
    Louvre day was much much better than I anticipated. For me the Mona Lisa was a let down, but the buildings themselves were awesome! I was totally impressed with I.M. Pei's pyramid both above and below ground. Kids went together with their own guide and filled out a book as 'Art Detectives.' They loved it!! In the PM we had free time. Lunch was at Tuileries Gardens. Some then went on a Seine Cruise and ABD reimbursed them for taxi fare and for tickets as the cruise was not on the agenda anymore. Some others stayed at the Louvre or went shopping. Rest of day was free time.

    DAY 7
    Versailles complete with tour. Each of us had head phones for the tour. Kids got to 'solve' their Art Detectives question from the Louvre on the previous day. Tour didn't include the Petit Trianon but oh well can't have everything. Rains held off so biking was able to be done. Those who went had a great time. Lots of trails etc. Very nice lunch right on the grounds of Versailles near the gardens and fountain. Night dinner was at a French cafe and we had the entire building! Musician playing and everything! Small bags with 'goodies' were given to all attending. The guides showed a video of all the photos they had taken of everyone during the week - really nice! They said they were mailing one to each of us after the tour.

    DAY 8
    Here was a surprise for us - as we were going to Disneyland Paris for 2 days they actually had a van to take us (and another couple) directly from the hotel to the resort! Super! Didn't have to haul baggage unto a train or anything! Very nice surprise!

    Prices also included all tips except gratuities to the guides, of which there were two. Porters, all baggage handling, meals, entrance fees to attractions, transportation to and from, etc. included tipping.

    The guides were very good and had a huge responsibility. Roads (especially in London) have very heavy traffic and it would be easy for someone to get into an accident. We Americans tend to 'follow the crowd' and not pay close attention to changing lights etc. Often the entire group could not cross together so it was important to keep looking out for yourselves as well as the tour group.

    The hotels were much better than I expected - London was better than Paris, but both were beautiful, spacious, and quite large by European standards. First Class on the Chunnel is the only way to go! Loved it! None of the meals were Michelin star calibre but all were very good. Guides were extremely attentive to everyone at all times.

    Yes, this was an expensive trip _BUT everything was First Class and would do it that way again in a heart beat. There is one group loved it so much their entire 40 people are going on another one together next year!! Guess that is a testament to a quality product. I notice that in 2007, the dinner at the Eiffel Tower is \being replaced by lunch, hotel has been changed to a Hilton and Montmartre is no longer on escorted itinerary. Maybe all this is good - maybe not. Time will tell.
  14. SplshMtnLvr28

    SplshMtnLvr28 here's one last toast, for you our heart still thr

    Oct 5, 2006
    3 grand for 8 days? I haven't done it, but it seems like a good deal... when I went to Paris with my French class it was 2 grand for 10 days... but our hotel was extremely crappy, and we made our own lunch and stuff like that. :p Of course, it is Disney. :p

    I'm doing something similar to this this summer... 19 days in England and France, through this leadership program for high school students. It's a little pricier though, $5,399. :eek:
  15. JulieWent

    JulieWent DIS Veteran

    Aug 20, 1999
    Can't wait for our June 8 trip to London/Paris -- also extending a little at DLP. Hope we'll meet up with DISers traveling, but I guess it will be less likely than on the cruises.

    We're trying to learn a little French (since we already know a little English ;) ), but it's not an easy language to just pick up. I'm a teacher, and our French teacher is trying, but she rolls her eyes a lot when she tutors me. :confused3

    Can't wait to hear from everyone who's planning or thinking about planning!

  16. LadyLion

    LadyLion We Are ...

    Jun 16, 2005
    Thank you for starting this forum!! I am more a "lurker" than a "poster" but have searched quite a bit for feedback on the Adventures by Disney. I'm thrilled to now have a place to go to share my experiences and gather feedback.

    We took our first Adventure in August to Hawaii (don't think they're offering the same trip in the future). It was the BEST vacation we've ever taken ... and we travel several times each year.

    It was absolutely top notch in every way. Yes, it was expensive but I'd rather save my pennies and have an awesome experience like Disney provided. The guides were terrific - extremely helpful and knowledgeable about everything we did. They were great with the kids (which meant tears when the trip was over). The resorts, activities, food, and all the magic touches were truly Disney magical.

    Disney did a great job in bringing the group together - we were with five families - but there is an opportunity for families to have "alone time" as well. We never opted for that because the guides, children, and adults all enjoyed their new relationships ... and, yes, we are still in touch!

    That said, we are HOOKED!

    We have now booked Costa Rica for spring break. And we're also trying to convince two other families to take an ABD to Wyoming next summer.

    In our opinion, worth every penny!
  17. disneytraveler

    disneytraveler <font color=purple>will the real celeb please step

    Feb 6, 2005
    Thats good to see. I have booked the Viva Italia tour for Septemer 2007.
  18. LadyLion

    LadyLion We Are ...

    Jun 16, 2005
    PrincessMommy2, sorry I didn't answer your question about children's ages.

    In Hawaii, the youngest child was six years old. (The others were 8 through 16.) The trip was very active - lots of physical activity like hiking, snorkeling, canoeing, surfing.

    The 6-year-old was able to try everything, but that is about the youngest I'd recommend for such an active trip. Note, though, that there are always alternatives (not everybody is expected to do everything). There were opportunities to just hang at the pool if that worked out better for the children.

    Also, dinners and evening activities were never very late - usually starting about 6:00. There wasn't specific time built into the day for naptime/downtime, but that could be worked out by individual families.

    The Costa Rica trip is also very active - hiking, zip lines, whitewater rafting (with a "calm" option), etc.

    My first reaction is to say to wait until your children are a little older, but every family tolerates action at a different level so it's hard to say. The guides were just as good with the little ones as with the teens ... always related to them at their own individual level.

    Hope that helps.
  19. Stepht5

    Stepht5 Just trying to make it to our next Disney vacation

    Aug 1, 2005
    I am so glad to see these trip reports!!!

    We really want to go on ABD in 2007 -- Dh wants Costa Rica (he goes deep sea fishing there) and I want one of the Italy tips. Our oldest dd (23) is getting married next fall and I don't how busy I'll be and when I'll be busy..... UGH!!!!

    I have the planning DVD and booklet. And everything looks wonderful!!!
  20. fey_spirit

    fey_spirit DIS Veteran

    Sep 19, 2006
    Hmm I wonder if those who don't drink for whatever reason would be allowed to do the Gelato tasting instead?

  21. DisneyKevin

    DisneyKevin Kelvis Moderator

    Jun 20, 2005
    It's funny you should ask that question.

    I do not drink and asked the same question.

    We were offered the opportunity to join the gelato tasting or have some additional free time to wander around the city of Siena. The wine /gelato tasting were the last scheduled event before we were to have a few unscheduled hours.

    We chose to do some shopping and bought some beautiful pottery (which we shipped home) and sit in piazza and have a pizza and watch the people.

    It was a beautiful afternoon and we watched the moon rise over the city.


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