Ack! The pre-trip sleepless jitters! (rambling post)


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Mar 3, 2002
Hi folks!

Well, if you can see signatures, you can see that we'll be IN THE WORLD tomorrow afternoon. We are leaving this morning for my mother's house (she's giving us a ride to the airport for our early morning flight tomorrow).

I started packing Sunday, and that's when the sleeplessness hit. I don't know about any of you, but it is when I start packing that the trip becomes truly 'real'. I think I've averaged 4 hours of sleep every night since then. LOL My biggest fear is I'll make myself sick from lack of sleep....I hope I can chill out once we are there!!

My kids are not as affected as I am, but nearly so. LOL DS1 is paranoid I'll do what I did last year, and forget our park passes. (LOL No kidding....we were changing planes in Cincinati, walking thru the airport, when I recalled with incredible clarity that I'd LEFT THE TICKETS SITTING IN AN ENVELOPE ON THE KITCHEN COUNTER!):rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: Thank goodness my best friend was available when I called, and he overnighted them to us, so we really only lost a morning at WDW. (Not to worry...our passes and other media are all packed safely in my backpack already!)

I am sure some of you can relate about being so excited about EVERYTHING about the trip. I'm even excited about using the darn Mickey Mouse soap!! Even though we don't leave until tomorrow, I feel like our adventure is starting my Mom's house, waiting for the boys, are 2 of the 'official' pin-trading bags waiting for their many trading pins (and handful of 'keepers'). They have coveted these at every pin trading event we've gone to (all, um, 3 of them at the disney store LOL), and its been so difficult to keep them a secret! They will be absolutely thrilled and floored, I can hardly wait.

Gosh, it is SO wonderful to have a place to bubble over......most of my friends think I'm insane. If I hear one more "15 days at Disney? Didn't you go there last year? Won't you get bored?" I think I'll scream! Bored? At WDW? Who ARE these people???
;) to compulsively check my packing list again!!

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Feb 27, 2000
I know those jitters well, I get them every time I travel. I don't relax until I'm in the air.

Have a great trip! Relax!


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Oct 23, 1999
I do know that feeling all to well... and I agree that it is great to have a place like that to "bubble all over" as you put it! I have a safe and absolutely wonderful trip!!!


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Nov 22, 2000
I'm not sure it is jitters. I think it is just plane excitement about where you are going!!! It's kind of like that commercial for WDW where the kids can't sleep because they are too exited. Then the Dad can't sleep for the same reason. I love that commercial!


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