ACK--HELP--Tie-Dye mishap Help ACK

Discussion in 'Arts and Crafts' started by debster812, Jul 25, 2006.

  1. debster812

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    Mar 19, 2001
    I'm normally on the transportation and community boards, but I need some EXPERT help.

    Well, the title says it all. DS and I were tie-dying some stuff for tomorrow's 'WACKY WEDNESDAY' at soccer camp. Guess who's rubber glove ripped? MINE. I'm now sporting a lime green, fushia, and blue hand. I've tried abrasive soap that DH uses when he works on cars. Alcohol, Nail polish remover, and shaving cream. Nothing doing.

    Any tips for me???

    I've also cross posted this on the CB as well. Can anyone help me?

    Good thing I'm working from home this week. :lmao:
  2. Imzadi

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    Oct 29, 2004
    Try some hair spray. It takes off permanent marker insantly. It may work on the dye too.

    Or you can try going to an art supply store. I know there is a tube of ReDuran that takes off dyes on hands.
  3. BuzzBelleMom

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    Jul 13, 2006
    How about Crayon Be Gone? I got some primer on my hands the other day and it took it off like a charm.

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