Abuwalkers’ January Freeze: Days 2 and 3

Discussion in 'Completed Trip Reports' started by abuwalker, Feb 5, 2001.

  1. abuwalker

    abuwalker Earning My Ears

    Oct 3, 2000

    DW: Me, aged 38
    DH, Mo, aged 36
    DD Leila, aged 9
    DD Samya, aged 6
    DS Zach, aged 16 months

    Next morning we were at Magic Kingdom by 9 a.m., and in Tomorrowland for rope drop. We went straight to Space Mountain, did the kid swap and rode and rode! We also went to Frontierland, and did BTMRR, and Splash Mountain. We went through the Haunted Mansion and did Small World. Checked out Mickey’s and Minnie’s Houses, and then returned to our rooms for a rest.

    We headed to Epcot where we had PS for Le Cellier. By the time we got there, (after battling the cold and my DH’s diarrhea), we decided not to keep the ressies. I wasn’t about to waste that kind of money on a somewhat grouchy, very antsy party of 5. We grabbed some food at the Electric Umbrella, and did Test Track, which we loved! The speed is great, especially at night. It does seem to break a lot though!


    We were up and out by 7:40, and at AK for the opening. There is nothing like AK at 8:00 in the morning. That park has the greatest ambience. I loved walking through Harambe village when it is empty. We went straight to the safari, walked on, and had a great ride, with a super guide from Zimbabwe. Saw lots of animals, including lions, which we’d not seen on our previous trip.

    We headed to ITTBAB, and then to Dinosaur, which we kid-swapped for. Kids dug in the boneyard, and then we caught Tarzan Rocks, which we thought was wonderful! After a delicious lunch in Tusker House (I had Beef stew in a bread bowl, and DH a tasty nut-coated chicken dish), we headed to Asia. The kids begged to ride Kali Rapids, in spite of the frigid temps. I relented. We rode twice in a row. I had on a poncho and stayed dry, but the kids were drenched. There were blow dryers set up outside, which I made the DDs stand in front of for 10 minutes. Sure enough, they were dry! Meanwhile, DH took DS through the Maharajah trail, where he spotted Martina Navritilova. He got her autograph, and my younger DD was steamed because it was in her autograph book. Our DD didn’t know who Martina was, and only cared that a non-character had signed her book!

    We headed back for our night at MGM. Took a little rest at the hotel. It was too cold to swim, that was for sure!! We headed to MGM, and straight to RNR where we got FP, then ToT, where we babyswapped (10 min wait). We got out and did RnR and again baby swapped. We’re baby-swapping experts!! Anyway, we’d had PS for Prime Time Café at 4:30,but opted not to keep them so we could do RnR. We rode some more, grabbed pizza (forget the name of the outdoor fast food area…), and then headed to Fantasmic, which remains one of our all-time favorite Disney attractions! You gotta love it when the “hero boat” comes steaming around!
    We left, and got our bus back to ASMo with little wait!

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    Aug 18, 1999
    I'm sorry you had to give up your Le Cellier but I understand. I sure wouldnt want to spend a lot of money on people who were grouchy either. :) Sounds like your day was great other than that. :)

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  3. Marla Hellwig

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    Mar 25, 2000
    Been there done that with grouchy members. Thanks for posting!

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